Overall, I was not very pleased with the way I completed the healthy habits assignment. Although I made a total of 11 posts, which provided a balanced overview of how I tried to improve three main aspects of my lifestyle (sleep, food, and fitness), they were rather inconsistent and did not always reflect the goals that I set for myself in September. In fact, I only achieved two out of my four targets – both pertaining to getting better sleep – which rightly suggests that I found it difficult to persevere. I was very enthusiastic about the project at the beginning but my interest in it slowly faded as the months wore on, which is probably the reason why I fell short of reaching my food and fitness goals.

I did however put a fair amount of effort into each of my posts, which usually consisted of a summary of what I achieved that day followed by a brief but pertinent discussion on the positive implications on my physical health. Writing these posts has made me more aware of the impacts of my actions and has motivated me to continue working towards my goals. In particular, I am consistently getting more hours of sleep than what I was managing at the start of the year, so my focus in morning classes seems to be improving as a result. I can’t say that I’ve been equally successful in the food and fitness departments, but I do feel more mindful of the daily choices that I am making. For example, more often than not, my morning and afternoon commutes to and from school have been by MTR and I have been eating hotpot over stir-fried dishes for dinner. As you can see, the project was certainly worthwhile even though I wasn’t hugely successful in meeting all the objectives.

If I were to undertake the project again, I would place a greater emphasis on perseverance even if that means reducing the difficulty level of my objectives. This would make it easier to foster long-term changes in my lifestyle, as I feel inclined to work towards something when it takes minimal effort to complete. I would probably start with these easier, less intensive goals and then kick it up a notch from there once my body has adjusted to the level of difficulty. I believe that this approach would be more conducive to success than what I have attempted.

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    Good reflection. Its never easy forming new habits. However, keep reminding yourself that your health is the most important thing in your life. If you don’t have good health then everything else will suffer.

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