I recently downloaded an application called ‘f.lux’ on my iMac that is helping me to get better sleep. In a nutshell, the application filters out the blue light from my computer display at night and reverts it back to normal during the day. It works based on the fact that blue light interferes with our circadian rhythm, which is often described as the body’s natural sleep cycle clock. I’ve included a screenshot of my settings below:

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 9.29.22 PM

As you can see, the application automatically helps me determine the optimal screen tint based on my geographical location and the time I wake up. How red the screen also serves as an indicator of when I should be sleeping – I’m getting 8 hours of sleep for only 2-3 days of the week at the moment, which I don’t think is ideal. I’ll look to raise this number and will report back to you in a future post on whether I met this goal.

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