Embedded below is a one minute video reflection explaining my design and some changes I made during the process.

Here is a summary of the changes made to my design and plan:

  • I decided to abort the caged-ball approach after my initial testing found out that the ball wouldn’t snugly fit the gap between two water bottle halves. As both my mockups were of this approach, I spent some time testing out new valve mechanism ideas and my draft schedule was too optimistic of a time estimate.
  • My rack idea changed as a result. As I no longer planned on using two water bottle halves, I decided to opt for a more modest rack design with only one PVC pipe. This turned out to fit my design perfectly as it can be slotted in the rack firmly as shown in the video.
  • I could not acquire stickers so I used masking tape instead for the labels.
  • I scrapped the magnet idea as attaching a magnet at the bottom of the PVC pipe would make slotting it onto the rack more difficult.

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    Great post Jesse. Kudos for trying a different approach to the valve. Do you share your photographs online? You have a great eye for composition, would love to see some of them posted here.

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