This design day has allowed me to tune into the new design project—creating a digital graphic novel panel sequence. I explored some of the skills required to complete the project and came up with things I knew and wanted to know for criterion A, and I feel like it has been a worthwhile day to get a kick start on the project (which seems to be progressing quite well so far).

We were presented with a design challenge and asked to put it in our own words, solidifying our understanding of the task at hand. Criterion A is all about familiarising yourself with the task and analysing existing pieces of work in order to get a better idea of how to go about creating the final product. In the context of our project, we are to create a panel sequence to promote visual literacy and interpret complex themes, ideas, and events for those who may be reluctant or unwilling to read the lexical content of Empire of the Sun. We were then asked to brainstorm (see insert) a list of things we knew, things we wanted to know, and we will be doing some research over the next few days to acquire the necessary knowledge to complete the project.

KWE Mindmap

We were also given a ten minute demonstration on Adobe Illustrator, a possible program we could use to create the product. I was quite impressed by the program, as it takes an imported image and turns it into a vector diagram which can then be manipulated to create a desirable product. This is likely the solution I will be using, as I do not own a drawing pad or tablet at home. On another note, I did a few practice tasks on Illustrator using the pen tool to develop my skills:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.36.42 pm

I will need to do some more practice, but I think design day has been a good start. The project seems an interesting one and I think the conventions I learnt in the American Born Chinese unit may help me in designing my own graphic novel.

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