Apple2¬†Usually fruits shouldn’t need packaging, but for the purposes of this design project, we’ve come up with one after 20 minutes of *hard* work.

For a package to be successful it needs to satisfy a variety of criteria, including (but not limited to): protective, appropriate size, light, durable, accessible, etc.

Due to time constraints and a limited supply of resources, we weren’t able to satisfy all of these criteria. Originally we had come up with a double-cone design, but after several unsuccessful attempts at creating the net of a cone we modified it.

The final product, as shown in the images, is nowhere near professional. The design is not sturdy, as it is made of paper, and is rather complicated for such a simple product. The ergonomics are not great either, as there isn’t much room between the flap and the handle. We chose not to close the package as that would not allow consumers to look inside, which could limit the wow factor and drive consumers away.

If we had done this project a different way I would opt for a simpler design, as the product, really, is quite simple and aimed at consumers of all ages and backgrounds.

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