As this design day is coming to an end, I’d like to reflect on how I’ve exemplified the four MYP approaches to learning (ATL) attributes.


My participation today was excellent as I stayed on task virtually all the time. I posted multiple responses to people’s questions on the forum and actively asked my peers and teachers for help myself. While doing the mini group design project, I actively contributed ideas to my group. I’d rate myself at a seven out of eight.

My collaboration/communication today was good as I somewhat collaborated with my peers. We did have some arguments and I could have been a little more open-minded towards others’ ideas and opinions. I’d give myself a six out of eight.

I think my effort was exemplary as I managed to complete all the tasks within the time limit. I was productive and didn’t waste time, and I tried to put my heart into the activities. I independently searched online to learn more about other Sketchup tools, apart from those that were demonstrated in class, and I hope this merits an eight out of eight.

Finally, my time management today was good. I could have spent more time on the blog post tasks than the Sketchup tasks, and as such I needed to rush a few posts (including this one). However, I managed to get everything done in time, and I hope the quality of my work presented is up to standards. Hence, I hope my time management today deserves a six.

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