So as to get familiar with Sketchup, a 3D modelling program that we’ll be using to plan our packages, I did a little practicing beforehand. Here’s my apple package on Sketchup:

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.07.14 pm

Understanding geometry while designing plays a pivotal role in reducing our carbon footprint, and our impact on the environment. Less area of used material equates to less carbon footprint, as such, it is important to design a packaging that is both appealing and resource-efficient.

Sketchup helps us design resource-efficient packages, as it is possible to design with accurate measurements. As 3D printing is soon going to be widespread, being accurate with the measurements may save paper and the environment as there is less need to redo or re-print.

In terms of my own design: I think it could be more environmentally effective. For such a small product, I’m using way too much material for the packaging. This package, though aesthetically appealing, wouldn’t be great for the environment when mass-produced. Since there is a high demand for apples, this wouldn’t be the package of choice as it wouldn’t be very sustainable.

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    Aesthetically, it looks quite good. The color scheme corresponds with the apple. Though, is the inside of the box covered with a protective plastic/styrofoam so that the apple does not get damaged? There might be a possibility that the apple will fall through the huge hole. Since buyers must have the best view of the fruit, what if they thought that you hid the damaged part of the apple at the back? They would not buy it.

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    I agree with what you are saying, and I also think that Sketchup is a efficient mode in creating waste efficient packaging without wasting resources. I agree with you that people waste too much material for simple products, for the sake of having something aesthetically appealing. With Sketchup, we can be efficient in creating sustainable and suitable packaging for products that can be widely used in effective ways.

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    This is a very good design and it really captures my eyes. I really like the window in front of the package that shows the apple inside. The colours of the package is like an apple and it makes the package look fun and entertaining. I think you could only change The handle because it is just a bit too small for anyone to carry.

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