Overall, I think I did well in this unit. I had prior knowledge in most of the algebra concepts and that made it easy to grasp. The 7/8 problems on the test provided me with a challenge and I had to apply the knowledge I had in an unfamiliar situation.

The most memorable aspect of this unit was probably working on the challenge set problems. Since these were varied, I had to use all the tools in my math toolbox in order to solve each unique problem. Some of the problems proved to be very difficult for me, such as the letter addition problems. I did not know a surefire way of solving these types of problems, and unfortunately, I did not discover one. Other problems were a bit more straightforward, as I had solved similar problems before and knew where to begin.

I’m sure there were multiple ways of solving each problem, so I tried to use a mix of working backwards, algebra, etc. Whether algebra really makes things simpler is debatable, but it goes without saying that it is a useful problem solving tool to have.

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