The second unit of the year has come to an end. This one has been about rational numbers; the knowledge that I’ve learnt during this unit can be applied to many real world situations.

Since we use rational numbers all the time in real life, it is essential to know the skills to use them correctly. I think I am best at using the order of operations to solve multi-step problems involving different operations. Without the order of operations, one could solve an arithmetic problem in different ways; knowing the order of operations can come very handy.

I need to work on thinking more critically when analysing work. For example, I am not very proficient at determining if an answer is reasonable or not. When faced with a problem, I need to make sure that an answer is reasonable before proceeding. Another thing that relates to critical thinking is eliminating all the possibilities in a problem. Take this for example:

“A certain fraction has a decimal representation that repeats in the form 0.abab…. When the fraction is written in simplified form, it has a denominator of 33. Find the possible values of a + b.”

When solving the problem above, I did not eliminate all the possibilities. What came to my mind were multiples of three, but I did not test to make sure that all the multiples of three work. As it turns out, only 3 and 6 do. There was another similar problem that I made a mistake on. This can be an area for improvement.

As for study skills, I think I did a lot of extra practice during this unit to maintain consistency. I struggle with calculating quickly and accurately, so I can say that I’ve improved in that front. As for a new area for improvement, I think I need to focus on my own work instead of chatting with my friends. Although my peers are there for support when needed, I shouldn’t let them be distracting me, nor should I distract them.

In conclusion, although I achieved many things during this unit, there is still room for improvement. I will strive to patch up these shortcomings, and hopefully maintain my strengths.

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