Personal vs. Shared Knowledge (TOK)

  1. Explain the Map Metaphor
    The map metaphor is a representation on the distribution of knowledge, meaning that the map is a visual depiction of how certain aspects of knowledge can be more emphasised compared to others for specific audiences.
  2. What is the difference between Personal Knowledge and Shared Knowledge.
    Personal knowledge is more of ‘what I know’ and can be influenced through multiple different factors, such as memory, events and point of view. Personal knowledge is more so developed through independent perspectives, and is often generated through personal experience. Shared knowledge is regularly formed through public influence. Personally, I think shared knowledge is a general consensus of factual information amongst different individuals. However, shared knowledge can also be personal knowledge, as one’s personal opinion can be persuaded by others, but it doesn’t necessarily work vice versa.
  3. If you cannot explain something to someone else, you do not know it. Do you agree or disagree with this statement and why?
    I disagree with this statement because there are some individuals who aren’t not equipped or are not able to explain concepts to others, yet still fully understand the idea themselves. Some people could possibly have a struggle in finding vocabulary in order to coherently explain things to others, or find it difficult to teach others in general due to their personal expansive knowledge on the topic. Additionally, some people could mix up the concept of personal knowledge and we knowledge, meaning that when one is explaining/teaching a topic to another, we often assume that the things we personally know, can be applied to the one who is being taught, thus creates a gap between the information both individuals understand.

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