7 Outcomes for Service – Clifford Chan

by 053514 on May 16, 2017

1.How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth?

For my personal project, I have spent time exploring various different coding languages to evaluate the most suitable language for my community. Languages that I have tried out include C, C++ etc. However, after went and inquired about the most used platform through polls, I decided to code with Swift as it focuses on apple devices which are used the most in CDNIS. By doing this, I have shown traits of an inquirer and an open minded person.

After completing my applications (time management applications, task applications) which were aimed for the student community, I believe I need to be a better risk taker to help my community in different ways or through a more “hands on” approach.

2.How did you undertake challenges that developed new skills?


One of the challenges I have undertaken was successful graduation from the 21st scout division of Kowloon. Throughout the entire course, I learnt many different new skills regarding survival. Along with that, I also able to increase my endurance as it pushed me to the limit whilst completing the exercises such as the multiple excursions we went on that lasted from sunrise to sundown. In the end, I was able to gain an in depth understanding of not only how being a scout would benefit me, but also how it would benefit our community as we had badges for community service that were required for graduation.

When I decided to undertake the community service badge, we had to go to a site in Kowloon peak to build cloth hangars and racks with bamboo sticks for people who were living there.  This proved to be challenging as it was one of the first badges I would have went to receive which meant I did not have a great understanding back then about how to tie the knots needed to build those items. As a result, the scout leaders taught me how to tie the knots whilst helping the people who resided on Kowloon Peak.

3.How did you discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities, How did you persevere in action?

During CAS week for grade 8, we traveled to Sabah to think of a task we could do for the local villagers, in the end, we decided to help the villagers complete their school which they have started developing. In order to successfully complete that task, we students organised the tasks and the dates for completion in order for the school to be finished in time.

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Along with the grade 8 Sabah trip, in grade 7, I went to Thailand where we went to a local village to help mix ceramic for my peers to construct the sidewalk and parts of the roof of a building.

Although both of these task proved to be challenging, by successfully collaborating with our group mates, we were able to tend to each others strengths whilst allowing our group mates to have breaks if needed.

5.How did you work collaboratively with others?

Throughout all of my service actions, I was able to improve my collaboration skills as a student as we needed proper communication to maximise the effectiveness in order to complete the large scale projects we had on our multiple CAS weeks. Along with that, in order to complete the various different task prior to scout graduation, we had to achieve multiple badges that involved communication and collaboration or else we wouldn’t be able to achieve the requirements.

In scouts, for badges such as the expedition badge and the agriculture badge, we were placed in medium sized groups that needed to organise our materials list and properly prepare for the expedition where we needed to demonstrate these skills to achieve our goal.

6.How did you develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding?

The CAS week trips I attended to such as the Sabah, Thailand and China trip allowed us to interact and meet people of different cultures. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to learn the different cultures and the languages being spoken by the inhabit of the respective countries.

An example of this was in Thailand during grade 7 where we had the opportunity to hike up and visit each of the various rural villages present in Thailand. After meeting these people, we had the opportunity to go to the market and purchase ingredients to cook Thai curry.

By traveling to these locations where I would normally be unable to, I am able to better learn and experience the culture and the lifestyle of the Thai people.

7.How did you consider the ethical implications of your actions?

By taking part in these activities such as Scouts, CAS week and Making apps for my community, I believe I have gotten closer to Hong Kong as a community. I believe I have gotten closer to Hong Kong as before I would take part in activities, I would think about how it would affect me as a student and its effects on my community. In the end, I believe that these activities will not only make me closer to Hong Kong, but will also benefit my community in the long term.




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