My Dream World (Made on Minecraft.)

by 053512 on June 7, 2012

Over the past 3-4 weeks, I have been working on a project. This project is basically a plan that has been turned into a model of a city that I created. Most of the things that I put in my city are quite random. Meaning, I did make a plan, but I didn’t really plan the colour. I know you may not believe me that we did this project on a “game”. To make you believe this, I will explain to you why we did it. We made it on Minecraft because it is fun, educational and it is easier than making a model by hand. Anyways, I hope you enjoy watching my video (It is under the post). I also have a picture of my plan. Thank you for reading.[youtube][/youtube]


My Art Masterpiece

by 053512 on May 15, 2012

By : Anonymous          Date: 15 May 2012

This is an art masterpiece. I created it using “Minecraft”. “Minecraft” is a game made “block by block”. Meaning, I had to use squares to make these geometrical patterns.



My P.S.A

by 053512 on May 4, 2012

My P.S.A is about children rights. I made this P.S.A to support a specific right, to be exact, article 5. Article 5 is the right to education, protection and food.

Our unit is about children rights. Not just about children rights, but also about how to support and deny (not that we will deny them) them. The most shocking thing about this unit that I have experienced/learned… is that so many kids are uneducated, uneducated kids grow into uneducated and are either clean toilets, or beg. If I could ask a few questions about this unit, I would ask how many uneducated children are forced to beg. I would also ask how many children are living in captivity.

My PSA demonstrates my responsibility, because it shows that I am playing my part, in telling people to make the world a better place.

Please watch my P.S.A, it may just inspire you to make the world a better place.



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Learning Review

by 053512 on April 19, 2012

Personally, I think that this review is boring and that I would rather have stayed at home. However, my mum enjoyed it…  So it wasn’t a waste of time. To be completely honest, I was basically finished 16 minutes after it started out of the one hour I had. I though I was going to bored to death with the 44 minutes that were left. But we kept finding things to talk about.



by 053512 on April 19, 2012

Look at this breath stopping image… Can you believe the the time that he used to make what he has so far and what he will have made when he is done? I mean, who can be working on a desk, away from his work and still remember the pattern? Good question. I don’t know. Just look at what he is making. Now that I think of it, on paper it is already hard. Multiply that difficulty by 50,000 and that is what he is doing. He must be really good with both, with rubix cube and art.  I know I have already said it numerous times but… WHO WOULD BE ABLE TO DO THIS?


Mid Unit Reflection-Children Rights

by 053512 on March 27, 2012

This unit is about the rights of children. We are currently learning about the kind of rights that some children don’t have. In this unit, I have learned about the various ways children get maltreated and stripped from rights. For example, a child is condemned to work in a carpet factory for the rest of his life….. therefore taking away his right to freedom. The most important thing I have learned in this unit is that some children are really treated with no respect at all! If I could join an organization it would be one that supports the education of children. I would join an organization of this kind because without education we would all be poor and I just wish I could help all of those beggars I see on the streets. So I can rid the streets from  poor, unemployed people. People can support children’s rights by giving them what they want when they want. Well, that’s my opinion but let me be a bit more serious. People can support children rights by respecting and being friendly towards children. I do not suggest locking them all up in a cell because that will only make their lives harder. Ah, now the ways to deny children’s rights. My best recommendation to deny children’s rights is to lock them up in a cell for the rest of their lives. Don’t think I am serious? I’d bet that if you looked hard enough on the internet you’d find information about children that have been worked to death. Children should also be able to do what they want if  what they want is legit. I think my PSA (summative task) will be about the the rights to be social or the rights to be educated. This unit has let me express my true feelings of how uneducated children become beggars which I really feel sorry for….


A few days ago, I finished reading a book called ‘Incredible Incas’. This comes from a hilarious series called….. ‘Horrible Histories’, might want to check their books out. Anyways, Incredible Incas is about life if you’re an Inca. It tells you everything you’d need to know to live back at their time and their methods of execution. Funny eh? Well wait till you hear how girls wash their hair before a wedding…. They wash it in urine. Hahaha. Now you know that this book is not only informative, but hilarious too! This book is recommended  for those who like to see chopped off limbs (most of the pictures are quite violent). I do not recommend this book for people that don’t like violence, because sometimes the punishment is more than chopping each others limbs off. As an overall rating I’d give this book a 10/10. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this book or the various other titles in this series.


Week 1 Spelling Words

by 053512 on February 28, 2012

The following words are the words that I am not too good at spelling, or that I just find interesting.

1. Economic

2. Maltreat

3. Victimize

4. Coincidental

5. Acknowledge

6. Infuriate

7. Aspect

8. Fainthearted

9. Magnificent

10. Gelatinous



by 053512 on February 2, 2012

Today, I have gone to an “Eco -friendly” park. This park encourages you to recycle and reuse. It has inspired me because I have learned that Hong Kong only has three land-fills and does not have a working incinerator. They have a very good method of stopping the smell, they cover it in a sheet of plastic, cover that in dirt, and grow nice trees and grass. Poof there you go, a load of garbage turned into giant grass patch. Not only have I gone to this “Eco-friendly’ park, I have also gone to the only plastic recycling branch in Hong Kong. You can see how the plastic is sorted, cut into pieces and melted into little plastic balls. These little plastic balls are then turned into things such as calculators, toys and many more things that you use everyday.


Elements Ice Skating

by 053512 on December 13, 2011

When ice-skating at elements the first thing you have to think about is the music, any moment some horrible Justin Beaver or Lady GaGa music that could wreck your time on the ice could be put on! It is the same as skating on any ice rink, but the music makes it unique in a negative way! Anyway, it is very wet and easy to slide on! The hardest part is to go to a shop and look for earmuffs! Skating is fun so have a good time when you go skating!


National Treasure Movie Review

by 053512 on December 5, 2011

National Treasure is an exciting and slightly racist movie. National Treasure provides a few nervous moments which brings the tension on, when Ben steals the declaration of independence, it is a big and frightening event for Ben. Ben has vowed that he will do anything to find a treasure beyond your wildest dreams. The part I don’t get is they want to keep the treasure away from the British (which is racist). Couldn’t they keep it away from the Americans or something like that? Anyway getting back to the subject, Ben has a thrilling mission to get to the treasure before Ian does. Ian is a witty criminal that wants the treasure only for the money, which he will probably be stingy with and won’t even share with anyone (this is only a prediction). When Ben found the treasure, he was not stingy and spent it all on a mansion for his accomplices. National Treasure is a good movie because it has a lot of action, and displays just how smart you can be when you solve a mystery. At school we watched this movie because it was connected to history which we are learning about. This movie is historical because it explains the history of a fake treasure (the treasure does not exist  in real life). I just think they should KEEP THE TREASURE AWAY FROM THE AMERICANS instead of the British. I give this movie only 2 stars for the racism and stinginess.



Cloudy Words

by 053512 on December 1, 2011

I have created the word cloud (scroll down and you will see it) mainly because this was an assigned task but it turned out to be a lot of fun, especially when I had to put in these wacky designs, unusual shapes to choose from and funky colors. If you look at it closely, it has most things that I am obsessed with like Minecraft, fishing, and even my interest in dinosaurs is shown there. Tagxedo was the only site I could figure out how to use to make this list of obsessions/word cloud. The word cloud below does clearly state my consuming passion for Minecraft. I was positively surprised by the assorted words put in as there were game names and my OBSESSION LIST. However, months such as November and October were mentioned a lot because in every post there is the date created. Overall, it was an enjoyable task to complete and a worthwhile experience.

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Splat! School Day Poems

by 053512 on November 29, 2011

Poetry, poetry at school all day why oh why do I say this again everyone says it’s good for me, but I just think it’s boring.

P.E is fun, swimming annoys me, homework killed the cat, and so did you, ha murderer.


Picture Of The Day

by 053512 on November 16, 2011

This is the picture of the day. I chose this picture because the elephant looks like it is a dinosaur roaring after having a refreshing drink. Actually dinosaurs had ancestors and one of them looked like an elephant, just like this one except it might have been well… a bit bigger. Right now it is definitely looks a wee bit more skeletal. Don’t you wonder what dinosaurs really looked like before? Well I do, so why not ponder if elephants are one of the evolutions of the dinosaurs.



My Remembrance Day Picture

by 053512 on November 14, 2011

This is a picture that I drew on remembrance day. Since I am obsessed with Minecraft I drew my favorite monster in minecraft THE CREEPER. THE CREEPER is evil but this time I decided to make it good. I also put the symbols of peace around him. On his two sides he has two flaring red poppies.



The Better Blogging Battle

by 053512 on November 1, 2011

The Better Blogging Battle/BBB has started. The BBB is a virtual way to improve both your handwritten work and your digital writing/blogging. The school gives you a series of assignments which will improve your blogging. They are not as hard as you would think they would be. Actually these tasks are quite simple, they do not require much effort unless you are doing a post like this (this post is one of the assignments) except you still have to try your ultimate best. Some assignments only require you to go on the internet to find some assigned widget which will be educational (not CALL OF DUTY SLAUGHTER GUIDE). Most people would not have joined if they had not seen the awful lot of awesome computer gadget prizes (that includes me, but I have another good reason). My best reasons are, I want to become a better blogger, and I also want to nourish my taste for computer tech, because I have a new Macbook to take care of. So if learning is one of your passions and if winning cool computer gizmos interests you, then join the cyber battlefield!


Why Does CDNIS Love Halloween

by 053512 on October 31, 2011

I do not clearly know why CDNIS loves Halloween, but I know that they like it, so I will explain to you what I know. The first clue is that even teachers dressed up. All I saw yesterday (school Halloween party) were smiling excited, enthusiastic faces. Secondly I can confirm that nobody that I saw that day was unhappy or sad. I don’t even think anyone cried that day, well maybe but they definitely smiled again later. So I conclude that I know they like Halloween because nobody that I saw was angry or unhappy.


My Fishing Trip

by 053512 on October 24, 2011

Last Friday (October 21, 2011), I went on a fishing trip in Sai Kung with my uncle. Our hosts were an old lady with an old man driver, when we were far enough out at sea, we started fishing. It was not very fun watching the old lady catch a colossal pile of fish. Then a sudden change occurred, My uncle and I caught a gigantic pile of fish, bigger than that super skilled at fishing old lady. We caught a lot of nicely colored fish with wondrous circle patterns, some had stripes on them too. Then came the catch of the day which nearly snapped my rod, which my uncle and I had to share.
It was a massive 1kg monster. We only took our monster fish home and it survived the journey. It was not very colorful but it would be plentiful food if we ate it. We did not eat it, because we thought it would be cruel to kill it, so we released it in our fishermen infested beach. I do not think it is a good thing to release it in fishermen heaven, but at least we will not be the ones to kill it.


My Sports Survey

by 053512 on October 11, 2011

Click on the the picture bellow to do my fantastic survey.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

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My Summative Assessment

by 053512 on October 7, 2011

This is my summative assessment. To explain further, at school we are studying communication technology, and our summative assessment was inventing something and making a PREZI. I invented an invention called the SINGNALFIRE. Enjoy my Prezi!



Art Jamming Reflection

by 053512 on October 6, 2011

Last thursday (September 27, 2011) we went to an art center called Art Jamalama. I painted something based on the famous computer game Minecraft. I painted one of the most dangerous creatures in Minecraft the exploding creeper. I also painted a Minecraft spider with a creeper face on its back body. I also drew stars behind the creeper, and the spider with a glistening moon and a green mountain. Who likes Minecraft? leave a comment!


In this post I will explain to you what communication technology we/my class use in our everyday life. All of our class used PREZI to present our new (fake) communication technology invention. As you readers know we all blog, which is related to our central idea. I also obviously use phones but I do not have my own cell phone. Our whole class has 1 Gmail account but we do not use it at home. I personally think that no technology is better than writing because it is very descriptive and expressive. Of course talking is the same thing but you aren’t so expressive, because you don’t think about it you just blurt it out.

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by 053512 on September 27, 2011


The following poems have been written by me, these are my favorite:

Gassy flowers are green and yellow,
furry flowers are blue,
hairy browns are smelly,
and so are you.
Fiery blues are red,
slimy yellows are blue,
creepers are scary,
and so are you.
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Walls Of Wisdom

by 053512 on September 23, 2011

At school we are planning to raise some money for the Building Walls Of Wisdom charity, they are working on a project to rebuild a school that collapsed. We want to each raise 100 dollars to get our class picture on their webpage. I hope you try to raise some money for them too. Please leave a comment!







10 Interesting Things About Me

by 053512 on September 22, 2011

1. I love dogs and cats.
2. I like sports with balls.
3. My favorite sports is soccer, tennis and hockey.
4. My mom comes from Belgium and my dad comes from England.
5. My cat is evil, and playful because when you get close he attacks your feet.
6. My dog is brave, because he is scared of waves, but once I was in the water with another dog, and he thought I was being attacked so he came in to save me.
5. I like animals.
6. I have a younger sister.
7. I like pizza.
8. I like computer games.
9. I like to have fun.
10. I like playing outdoors.