CDNIS Composting

Today our class went to Ms.Daniels science room to look at the composting bin she has there. The reason we did this is because our unit we are working on right now is about how we manage our solid waste. Composting is a way of getting rid of your food scraps and yard waste. Composting works by you using some plants and dirt to cover your food scraps and yard waste, so that they can get eaten and turned into soil for your plants. Composting is hard and must be done correctly to work. Composting is a good and eco-friendly way to get rid of your food and yard waste.

Dig Day Artifacts

Before the holiday, Grade 5 went on a field trip called dig day. Before Dig Day we each had to make a artifact. Mr.Dave smashed each artifact and the teachers buried them. During Dig Day we tried to find someone else’s artifact. I found a sword. The artifact I made is a bowl that is gold and maroon in color. My artifact was found by someone in 5C, and the artifact I found was made by someone in 5B. Dig Day was very fun.

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