24 Bar Ternary Composition Final

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Unit Reflection:

I think that this unit was quite difficult because I have always struggled with composing in the past. However I think that I was able to compose a 24 bar song that makes sense and sounds good in all areas of the song. I think I was able to have balance between my rhthym and melody in my composition and also there are differences between the different phrases in my melody. My melody definitely has a connection between the A and B phrases and it is definitely playable for someone of my ability. I also have included a variety of performance directions, such as articulation and dynamics. I think that in my piece I have used articulation particularly effectively. I have also used chords that make sense and sound good before and after each other in my piece and I was also accurate when labeling the chords of my piece.

I think that some of the things I had trouble with in this unit were firstly starting out with my composition, and composing a song that had a good melodic balance. In music class in the past, we have not had much experience with composing, and therefore I am not very proficient at creating different melodies. I think that this is the reason I had trouble when composing the song for this unit. However I think that I did well at making sure I had met all the requirements such as certain cadences in certain bars, having an A and B section and modulating between two keys. In terms of the actual melody of the song I think that through the process of trial and error, I was successfully able to create a melody that makes sense and that I am happy with, both in the saxophone and piano parts of my composition.

While composing my final 24 bar composition I used the comments made by my peers to help me improve my composition and make it the best it can be. Some of the comments I recieved were that there were too many jumps between octaves and that this made the piece sound awkward and didn’t let it flow, and also that I should try to add more rhythmic variety. I took in these comments and made the changes to my composition in order to help it sound better. In terms of the criteria, I had all the aspects such as m having measure 4 and 12┬ácontaining an imperfect or interrupted cadence, and requiring two chords per bar in the A section.

I think that this unit overall was a great learning experience becasue I became much more proficient at a skill in music I used to be not great at. I also really enjoyed this unit and composing not only more “classical” music, but also a jazz composition. Because we learnt how to compose for two different genres of music, we were able to understand how music in general relates, and we were able to apply the composition techniques we learnt to both compositions.




11 thoughts on “24 Bar Ternary Composition Final

  1. – label your sections!! major / minor keys (in the beginning) !! cadences!!
    – maybe use more articulation and dynamics
    – try to make your b section more different from the a
    – i like your rhythms and melody!
    – overall good job!

  2. I like the melody, but I think that it is somewhat hindered by the accompaniment since it also has a lot of eighth notes. Sometimes, the notes kind of sound disjunct and clashy, probably because some of the notes clash with the chord.
    Label your sections and the key that you start in.
    I like how you add slurs right before staccatos, it is very catchy.

  3. – there was too little change in your first 8 bars and your 8 last bars
    – There was variation in your rhythm which was very good
    – You have followed the chords correctly and sounded pretty good
    – Good melody and great use of the dynamics, it was definetely a key factor that makes this piece interesting
    – Great Job!

  4. – I couldn’t help, but it’s just way too good.
    – More rhythms? I know that it’s good to repeat the rhythms in the previous one, but I feel like it’s a bit too much?
    – you forgot the cadences…

  5. – Good cadences
    – I like your different rhythms
    – Your labels aren’t correct for your chords
    – I like your dynamics and articulation
    – Your last bars should be like the start
    – Overall nice job

  6. – Good Melody!
    – Good dynamic Contrast
    – Last 8 bars and first are a little too similar
    – Missing section labels
    – Missing cadence labels
    – Missing tempo mark
    – Maybe play around a little more with dynamics

  7. – Perhaps add the starting tempo?
    – Label cadences
    – For your last 8 bars, it should look similar to the first 8 bars, but not entirely identical
    – make your labels more neatly placed and more organized
    – Good use of articulation
    – Perhaps add some dynamics?
    – Good job!

  8. – Some issues with the modulation. You start with labelling the A chord as I in the B section but you haven’t effectively modulated since somehow you end on D and you label that as your I chord.
    – You kind of fall back into D as your key centre in the third bar of your B section, which is why the harmony doesn’t sounds quite right.
    – Tempo marking?
    – Dynamics for the piano stay at mp the whole time. Some variety would be nice.

  9. Your chords are labelled clearly which is good, however your sections and cadences are not labelled. You showed a great use of staccatos in your composition and it really adds colour to your piece. However I wish you used more articulation as sometimes your piece sounds a little dull. I like how your B section connects well with your A section, but sometimes it felt like it sounded too similar with your A section. Your transition between the two sections were very smooth, which is nice for the listeners.

  10. I think that the C part of your piece was well written and fitted with the style. I was able to tell that it was a rework of the original A section. The melody was interesting and had variation, dynamics(although could do with some crescendos and diminuendos), and some articulation. Overall the B section also had a nice rhythm and was appropriately articulated.

  11. – Nice articulation
    – Good cadences, but don’t forget to label them
    – Good variety of rhythms
    – You may want to make the last 8 bars a little bit different from your first 8 bars
    – Nice addition of dynamic contrast

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