The relevant SOI for this unit is “Students understand that businesses interact in a global environment and are held accountable (ethics) by society for their actions.” What I have learned through the classes we worked on ethics and the ethics monologue is that businesses have to make decisions in order to make a larger profit but ultimately some of the decisions they make can be seen negatively by some people. These are ethics. Ethics are what we as humans decipher as right versus wrong. For example, obviously using child workers is unethical as the children work in poor conditions and make very little money which takes away from their childhood. So I learned that sometimes businesses take the unethical route to make a larger profit, but in the end if the made an unethical decision the people of the society will hold them against that. Which could mean a lost of customers or people boycotting the company.

The global context for this unit is “Fairness and Development” focusing on the impacts of the choices a business makes on society. So kind of like for the SOI I know that business make decisions in order to develop, but it is ultimately up to society as to whether or not these decisions are fair. Decisions could be unfair to the environment, people, the economy etc. In the end if a company makes an unfair decision in order to develop this decision could have an impact on society and make them dislike a company or like a company depending on whether the decision the made was fair or unfair, ethical or unethical. Businesses have whole departments who’s job is to try and put a spin on the decisions to make them actually seem fair.

The first relevant inquiry question is “How does one determine if an action is ethical?” I have learnt that society decides whether a company’s action is ethical or unethical. What helps us decide whether a decision is ethical or unethical we can look at our values and our beliefs, that ultimately decides what we find is ethical or unethical. Most people share similar views on what we think is ethical or unethical, because as humans we have an instinct on what we think is right and what we think is wrong. Most workers who’s company is unethical probably views it as unethical, but they just want the money. The next question is “To what extent do businesses behave ethically?”. Businesses behave in different ways some are unethical by using child-workers, violate human rights. Whereas some are ethical by participating in charity work and giving back to the community.

As this is the first part of our unit with this SOI, I have not developed my knowledge on the SOI.

An example of a real world situation would be McDonald’s. I made my ethics monologue based on McDonald’s. McDonald’s has done a lot of ethical and unethical stuff. Ethically, they give opportunity for the workers to succeed whether it is through training or credit for a college education. McDonald’s has also been trying hard to reduce their environmental impact and they have succeeded as they have increased their recycling and decreased their waste. They have also made more environmentally friendly stores with energy efficient lights. The have also given back to the community through charities and donations. Unethically, McDonald’s has harmed the Amazon Rainforest and used factory farming. They have also treated the workers unethically by paying them low wages. People have also found a tooth in their food. Overall I believed that McDonald’s is ethical. 

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D5.0 iFolio Reflection on English Design Project

During this project I learnt a lot through creating the final product and the process. I became familiar with the design specifications because I was able to apply them to my final product of my graphic novel. I also learned how to use many different tools to assist me through the process and the final product. I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and the tools within it. I learned how to use the text tool, the pen tool, brushes and the rectangle tool. I also learned how to use the pen tool to create a template for a graphic novel design. I also learned how to add bleeds to my design. I think another large thing I learned use the Intuos 5. This is a good thing to learn because now I am able to draw on a pad onto my computer. At first I found it difficult to use but then I got the hang of it and am able to use it easily. I also learned how to use Evernote. I had to submit all my work on Evernote. I think it is a very helpful tool because I can work on Evernote and clip articles which allowed me to share my research easily. Through creating a graphic novel, I think it helps express the theme and the mood of the Empire of the Sun visually. The use of visuals helps to reinforce a particular message. Since my audience is my peers visual aid is helpful in conveying the complicated themes and conflicts on the novel Empire of The Sun. Since this is a tough concept to understand about World War Two, visual aid helps to convey these messages and topics in the novel. Technology also facilitates the communication of ideas because my audience who are my age can relate to technology. Technology is also modern and interesting since the panel sequence can be accessed anywhere. Also I think that technology just makes the overall design more “crisp” it is easy to follow and drawings are clear. I think that perspective can change through the use of visuals because if I drew the panel sequence in Dr Ransome’s perspective, he would have a completely different view of the war and what is going on then Jim. Also different perspectives would allow the panel sequence to have a completely different mood, theme or concepts. Images are meaningful because you can see setting and gesture as well as angles and colour which conveys important concepts, conflicts, and moods of the panel sequence. Therefore by using images it is a lot easier to explain aspects to people, who may not know much about the issue. Also I think people find it easier to understand something or relate to something if it is visual because they can see it and use their imagination to relate to the story. Some challenges I faced was learning to use Adobe Illustrator. I believe that Illustrator has many functions and uses which could be bad for someone who doesn’t know much about how to use it. Therefore, I ran into many challenges as to how to do simple aspects like change the colour of my pen. If I were to do this project again I would definitely do some things differently. I would start by getting more feedback throughout the process so I could see if I was on the right track and adding the right work. I would also change the style of my graphic novel to just gloomy. I don’t think through my design I showed a gloomy old fashion style. So for next time I would just have a gloomy style, without the old fashioned part. I would also try and spend more time on my drawings. I think that my mood and plot could be explained much more efficiently if I added more detail to facial expressions.

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What I have learned is related to the SOI because businesses can be impacted by external factors. Economic shifts can impact the structure of a business or market. Demand and Supply can also impact price which ultimately impacts the market. There are many external factors that can impact the system and structure of a business.

What I have learned relates to the global context, because I know that consumers also play a part in the market they can increase demand and the price of products they can change the who connection of a business. Consumers hold an identity within the market and businesses.

Price within a market is determined from where equilibrium is. Shortages and surpluses lead to increase or decrease in price. What influence demand in a market is related to consumers. Supply can be influenced through external factors like environmental issues. Many companies compete in-directly. For example, all companies within the food industry is indirectly competing with each other because they are all trying to provide food consumers.

What I have learned now builds on my knowledge of the SOI. I know more about what are the external factors that can impact a business and a market. I also know about how large the structure of the market can be and how the identities and relationships can be so small.

A real life example would be luxury homes in Vancouver having their demand increasing because of foreign buyers. This is an external factor that led to a huge increase in price for homes in Vancouver.

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I learned more about how businesses don’t directly impact each other. I understand more about how business fits in within a system. That system could be the entertainment market, that has in-direct competitors and direct competitors. Businesses have a system within they work in one company could impact another without be direct competitors.

What I have learned is that businesses have a connection with each other whether they are direct or indirect. The greater system could be a specific market. Each competitor and company has an identity and relationship within that market. This helps me understand further about how businesses work together and how they share a relationship.

Price within a market is determined from where equilibrium is. If quantity demanded and supplied are not equal price cannot stay where it is it has to either increase or decrease in order to have a stable market. What influence demand in a market is almost everything related to consumers. Supply can be influenced through external factors like environmental issues and can be influenced by the supplier themselves. Many companies compete in-directly. For example, all companies within the entertainment industry is indirectly competing with each other because they are all trying to entertain consumers.

Previously, I knew about different sectors being related in a greater system. Now, I have more knowledge about the system in which businesses interact. This helps me know more about business around me.

A real world example would be Xbox indirect competitors could be arcade games or televisions. They aim to both entertain but but are not next generation consoles.

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Chain of Production

I learned more about how each product is made within a market. I know that each stage of production could be used in different markets. For example, a tertiary sector could be used by main different products. I could be used to transport anything from Teletubbies to crude oil they just provide a service. Which helps develop my understanding that businesses operate within a system. I also know that if lets say a transport company closes the chain of production for a lot of products could go bankrupt, because they will not have a tertiary sector to transport their products.

What I have learned fits directly in with the global context because many businesses share relationships with each other. The primary and the secondary sector of oil could have a relationship who could have a relationship with a coffee shop. Many businesses are linked and related to each other. Also each part of a market operate in different parts, yet they share a business connection.

I know that many factors impact supply and demand in a market. What influences demand is: tastes and preferences, consumer income, price of substitute products etc. What influences demand is: taxes and subsidies, technological improvements, environmental issues etc. I know that raw materials come from the primary sector, then get transported by the tertiary sector to the secondary sector then from tertiary to distribution tertiary company. Equilibrium is reached by increasing or decreasing price.

What I have learned before wasn’t very much I didn’t know much about how a chain of production works. I just knew that companies have relationships within a system, but I didn’t know much about them. I now know that chain of productions of products are related because they may share sectors or use the same companies but many businesses share a relation ship with each other.

An example of a real world situation is the coffee chain of production. Coffee gets flown all over the world to be made. I know that coffee could share the same tertiary sector as another business or even the same quaternary sector if they need information or help.

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Design Day

Today was design day, we learned many skills throughout the day using Adobe Illustrator and Evernote. These skills and techniques will aid me throughout the next 2 months to create a graphic novel about “Empire of the Sun.” Being able to use Adobe Illustrator will aid me in creating my graphic novel. Using Evernote will help me share my notes with my design teacher. I will share my knowledge on Evernote. By understanding who is our target audience is I will know what words to use and how complex to make my images and story. I still need to learn more about Adobe and how we are going to structure our story. My next step is to understand Adobe further and what I need to know to succeed.Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.48.42 pm


I learned more about how companies are run and how adapting a company to a private limited company etc could be the way a entrepreneur stays competitive. Companies could become a public limited company and innovate through the public to stay innovative. There are so many ways companies could change to innovate. Also companies such as sole proprietor could innovate to stay competitive and there are ways that could be more challenging for sole proprietors because of limited expenses and unlimited liability. That could impact innovation for the company.

Different ownerships fits in with the global context because entrepreneurs have to respond to opportunities as to if they think they should switch ownership types. Like if the company was competitive with another company and they were worried about stealing an idea it would be good to switch to a public or private limited company. There are many changing opportunities also whether to switch to public limited company because the stock market is good or they need more money. There are many factors that could affect the response to changing opportunities

For the question how do entrepreneurs respond to the needs and wants of society. Most often entrepreneurs will respond to the needs and wants by innovating. They are innovating to satisfy the needs and wants on the people. Also they are innovating so they can remain competitive. The company that satisfies the wants of the people will become successful because they are giving the people what they want. For the question Is there an optimal form of business ownership. There is none a company has to decide on what kind of business it wants to be according to how well its doing. Whether they need to expand and make more money or stay a small businesses.

Before I thought that innovation was only for a product, but innovation can be innovation of a company etc. And changing the form of business could be way to stay competitive. Also before I thought that companies innovate to remain competitive when it can be a single person who competes different form of business.

An example of a real world situation is Lego. Lego is a private limited company meaning that is run by a small group of people and in this case it is a family. Most companies when expanding become a public limited company to have more support but Lego is still owned by a family.

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I learned that industries are a group of companies working together because of a common interest. This showed me that even though companies must innovate to remain competitive. Companies can help each other to reach a common goal, for example a group of companies in a certain job field need to advertise their industry more they could work together to create an advertisement to raise awareness about their industry. Though once it comes down to what product in the industry to buy they are competitive. They will innovate when it comes down to which product to get.

This fits with the global context because individuals have to respond to changing opportunities. If there is an opportunity to further raise awareness on an certain industry, an individual has to respond to that by bringing together people in that specific industry and raise money for an advertisement. So it fits in the with global context. Also businesses will evolve over time and could struggle they could use the opportunity to join the industry in their field and help bring the company back up on it’s feet. If the company was struggling because of changing laws that is something that a industry could help with. They help people understand the laws and regulations in that industry and can try and convince the government to change.

For the question how do entrepreneurs respond to the needs and wants of society. Most often entrepreneurs will respond to the needs and wants by innovating. They are innovating to satisfy the needs and wants on the people. Also they are innovating so they can remain competitive. The company that satisfies the wants of the people will become successful because they are giving the people what they want. For the question what drives innovation. Innovation can be driven by the needs and wants of people. It could be driven by the company or the owner and what they feel. For the question to what extent should competitors work together. I believe that companies should work together, but only if they have a common interest. The companies could create an industry and use their common interest and promote it.

I now know that entrepreneurs must innovate in order to stay successful. Entrepreneurs could remain competitive while still working together. For example an industry could be created to advertise the interest. Then once it comes down to which product is chosen innovation comes in.

In Alberta, Canada the dairy milk farmer worked together event though they are competitive because the wanted to promote all dairy farmers in Alberta so their all over industry would become more successful. But once it comes down to which product is chosen then it becomes competitive.

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Entrepreneurship/Invention and Innovation

In the two projects I learned that every entrepreneur has to innovate to become successful. For example for my in entrepreneurial wall I learned that in order for Larry Page to become successful he had to innovate. He had to create a new kind of search engine this caused many people to start to use google. Even after google was created Larry Page had to innovate even further. He had to create numerous other products in order to stay competitive with Yahoo. In the invention and innovation project I further developed my knowledge on innovation. I found that almost every single computer was an innovation created in order to remain competitive. For example the Osbourne 1 was the first laptop. Osbourne Computer Corporation innovated to create a portable computer. They did this so they could remain competitive with IBM.

Through my Entrepreneurial wall I learned that Larry Page saw an opportunity to start up a new search engine and created google. This was an action of him responding to the changing opportunities. Also he saw opportunities to further develop his company when Yahoo was struggling. He was responding to the changing opportunity. In my invention and innovation project I further developed my knowledge on the global context. I learned that companies like the Osbourne Computer Corporation and IBM saw opportunities to innovate and remain in front of their competition. They responded to the changing opportunities.

For the question what creates opportunities for an entrepreneur to start a business. The opportunity could be many different things. It could be a company in a certain industry is struggling to satisfy the needs and wants of people so a new company is built to satisfy the needs and wants and beat the competitors. Also there could be a new idea that would be very popular so an entrepreneur would start a business because of a great idea he had. For the question what drives innovation for some companies it is satisfying the needs and wants of people for other it could be new laws and regulations. For example google innovates because of the culture of their company. Whereas apple innovates because of competitive pressure

Before these projects my understanding of the SOI was that in different countries countries have different causes to innovate. I now understand that innovation could be caused by many different factors such as culture of a company competitive pressure etc. I also now learned that innovation is mainly caused by competitive pressure.

An example of a real world situation is google they are one of the most innovative companies in the world. They have lots of competitive pressure with Yahoo. They innovate for many different reasons suck as competitive pressure and the culture of the company. Google is very successful in responding to changing opportunities and the development of their company.

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