Stella By Starlight Solo Draft

Stella By Starlight Draft

Attached above is my composed solo for Stella by Starlight. For my Stella by Starlight solo, I used the chords and the guide notes given by Mr.O’Toole. After listening to James Morrison’s jazz solo, I discovered that he uses many long notes and rests. Due to this, I have added many long notes and rests within my piece. The rests not only allow the player to breathe but also makes the piece flow, and thus makes the composition sound like a well-developed jazz piece. I placed a long note after every complicated phrase. This is so that the listener has time to really enjoy these complicated parts. Throughout my piece, I used semitones to move between notes. From this, there are many accidentals throughout my piece. For dynamics, I added crescendos and decrescendos to emphasize the phrases. I also added a “p” at the end for a sweet soft ending. The Ricardo was placed on the last bar because with this, it will not affect the chord’s tempo but still, provide a nice ending. Since I will have to eventually play my solo in front of the class, I will not be able to change the chord’s tempo.