Biology 1st Order Claim:   All beings are made of cells

Biology 2nd Order Claim:  Scientific claims must be backed up with evidence of research.

1st Order Questions:

  1. What are the some differences between a human cell and a plant cell?
  2. State the individual functions of the parts within a human cell.
  3. Why do humans need cells in order to function?

2nd Order Questions:

  1. To what extent does scientific research have to be provided in order to make a claim thats true?
  2. How can scientific research be proven as a fact, even with the hinderance of language.
  3. How do humans know that what they have found is true or can be stated as a finding?

TOK questions are useful and relevant when it comes to questioning real life claims, as it gives either the author, or finder of the fact, discovery etc.   This always us to evaluate the validity behind findings, discoveries etc, taught in class and will allow us to delve deeper into how we know its true and what makes this true.   Adding another aspect of analytical skills that we as students can apply towards work now.



All languages come with some kind of problem, either being the level of difficulty in articulating ones thought in speech or on paper, as writing a language in my perspective is equally as important as being able to speak.   The first limitation I have identified is the translation between different languages.  Specifically taking the language english for example, we have multiple different vocabulary all having a different meaning, and terms such as figure of speeches, metaphors/smilies, jargon/slang makes it very  difficult for other language speakers to identify meaning within our language making it a problem.  For example, I was once talking to a Singaporean friend when i was younger and said “I’ve told you 100 times” while he then responded “you didn’t tell me 100 times” taking my figure of speech literally showing a boundary within different cultures perception of wording, hence being a limitation in the production of knowledge.    Another example being the use of lingo/slang words within ones language, in english a lingo that is largely used around my friends is either lol, legit etc.   These words in abbreviated form make the perception of language that more complicated and diverse for others to learn, largely limiting the production of language.

Area of Knowledge: Art  <———–> Way of Knowledge:  Imagination

The area of knowledge, art is the expression of an emotion, experience, message etc, through an abstract representation of the artists choice.   The AOK art relies directly on the WOK, imagination, this being ones way of processing events in life or creating hypothetical scenarios all based on past experiences.  Thus, relating directly towards art,  as without experiences your imagination wouldn’t be able to thrive or create any sort of artistic product without imagining events or anything that one thinks about.  Although, a limitation that comes with the WOK, imagination is that one’s imagination is limited to their experiences, therefore if an artist wanted to express a message through an abstract manner, but his/her audience have not experienced or understood his message, the message would be lost and misunderstood.


  1. b)  Knowing that WOKs are a double-edged sword  (they are sources of knowledge and are fallible) how do any subject areas in your AOK guard against the weaknesses of the WOK you chose?

Where the AOK art, guards the limitation of “imagination is limited to ones experience” is how art can be represented in multiple manners, allowing to not only more clearly represent unfamiliar situations to others, but take them on an experience with them educating the artists’ audience at the same time.   For example, youtube videos are now made sharing artists new experiences allowing not only to educate the creators themselves but it’s audience at the same time,  allowing a clear representation of the intention or message made by the creator allowing it’s audience to expand its imagination even if the situation is unfamiliar previously.  Another example being the social media platform, Instagram, through a photo and a caption, a piece of art made by someone with clarification on the intentions of the photo and why it was posted, not only clarifies an unfamiliar situation to his/her audience but also gives them insight on what the experience was in the photo or  the reason behind the post.


I personally think that TOK allows us to look at knowledge we have learn through the process of the PYP and MYP, and go far more in depth into what makes these the structure of these topics,  where the contents of what we have learnt originally come from or how we can identify the validity in what we have learnt throughout the year .    This not only allows us to critically think, but also look at how the necessities in life possibly have a far deeper meaning, or purpose that we may not have previously known, allowing myself to perceive the world around me in a far more abstract manner.

Always great to get some additional sleep before class, sleep is essential towards functioning well during my rigorous classes! #sleep via Instagram

Always great to get some additional sleep before class, sleep is essential towards functioning well during my rigorous classes! #sleep via Instagram