During CAS week, I stayed in Hong Kong. I felt that during day 3, I persevered as we went to a farm, and to be honest I really dislike farms. I still do, but I persevered the hot environment with plenty of mosquitos within the environment and it a seriously gruesome struggle. But, now knowing I survived it feels good to have gotten over that experience and know that I am strong enough to overcome situations I don’t feel comfortable around.


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Criteria C: Why did I make my composition this way?

The summative for this musical composition unit was to create an 16 bar melody consisting of dynamics, 4 phrases, and cords, and I am going to be writing about why I made the choices I did within this composition. First of all, I took many tips from my composition I did in Grade 7, and what I needed to improve, for example dynamics was something I forgot to include in last years composition, which made this my first priority in this composition as I didn’t want to make the same mistake. I also looked through a lot of pieces in our playing book, to get some inspiration of when to use mf’s and mp’s (Dynamics) , and also putting slurs above each phrase, to signal that my composition definitely consisted of 4 phrases as expected in the task sheet. My composition mainly consists of conjunct movement, as in my perspective it really keeps the flow of the song, and some disjunct movement as well to show that my composition is versatile as well. My songs tempo was at 120 bpm, as I wanted my song to be a fast paced, and peaceful, which is why I chose a clarinet as my main instrument. Throughout this process, I stuck with F major the whole time, surprisingly didn’t make multiple changes. I did make a lot of changes towards my dynamics, and where to put the slurs, and where speeding up the tempo using the slur would keep my fast tempo intention effective.

Criteria D:

Yes, I had to start with chords, or else if I didn’t my notes would’ve sounded all out of place, and I most likely would’ve had to restart multiple times, and I also did start with a melody, and gradually worked on the dynamics to enhance the composition overall. Well, before starting the assignment, I used the flute during my 8 bar melody, it sounded very mellow and peaceful the mood I wanted the audience to feel in my 16 bar melody, but then I thought about using the clarinet as that is the instrument I play, and I am familiar to this sound, and in my perspective choosing the clarinet turned out well. I did trash my work and start over, as I had no idea what I was originally doing, and in a big hole of confusion, so I restarted and did more research on chords, which really impacted the flow of my song overall and made my composition less random. To be honest, I needed to make plenty of edits, as I’m still very new to composition making this assignment so much harder than expected, and having to research and constantly ask friends about how chords work, and what to do with each note etc. Their responses were, too many 16th notes, these notes don’t match the cord etc. Majority criticism inspiring me to juristically improve those parts. My strengths throughout this project was my rhythm,  as in my perspective it makes sense and my decision of when to use what sort of dynamic, and how much the main instrument had to annunciate. My weakness throughout this process was probably chords, and this is because, I stuck with the very basic chord, almost identical to the task sheet, making the creativity aspect of the chords very limited, but although the versatility was limited, I think it was a good personal attempt at using chords for the first time. Overall, I am very happy about how my 16 bar Melody composition turned out.


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Part 1: 

When making our container, we first used a plain piece of paper and measured the apples length, to make sure our container perfect fit, resulting in less waste of space. And we tried to think of little ways to reduce the amount of tape used, as in real life they are regarded as poisonous chemicals, and created little creases to seal the container better.

Part 2:

Overall, I think our container is eco friendly, as a group we our main thought was how can we reduce the use of tape to the minimum. We kept the max amount of tape to at least 5-6 strips, no more, and we marginally succeeded as we only used 4 strips of tape. But, our container is not durable, as we used a soft material paper. But, when we work on our final project I am going to focus on a reusable material that is a lot more durable to hold the object I am assigned.