I am going to design and make a fully functional and working mobile application for my fellow peers and my specific client being my sister, this app will allow for people to see the specific release dates in hong kong time for the people who are like me and my sister who are interested in shoes and streetwear. The mobile application will include an aesthetically pleasing backdrop alongside 3 tabs at the top which will say “Upcoming Sneakers” “Upcoming Clothes” and “Hype Check”. Under “Upcoming Sneakers” will have profiles on every hype and popular shoe coming out in the next month or so, with links for purchasing when they come out. Upcoming clothes will be the exact same thing except with clothes. Hype Check will be a trend watcher in which people can see what is hype at the moment and what will become more hype. 

Extra Info- Research Summary

There are many key takeaways to my research and what I learnt about all the different theories and structure of the apps throughout the app store and the vast land of programming. This research gave ideas for what I could do with my project this time around. I realised many things about how actual app was designed and the different tabs which would be needed or desired for an app like this. With certain apps ranging from one tab and one small filter, to others which have tabs and allowance for people to browse the release dates for one specific shoe. This gave me many ideas for how to build my app and exactly what kind of things and aspects I want to apply to my app. Such as a place for the placement of my tabs and or the brands and organisation of shoes, or just making it a feed where the interests of people can be used to alter the feed as need be. I still need to answer for how to implement a system what it could allow for a more efficient way to actually buy items on this app and a better way to notify people when the shoes or clothes actually come out. I have also learnt a lot about how to get people interested when looking at a shoe, as the picture used has to look not only appealing, but also interesting to the person looking through the app. I also learnt what skills are required for one to be able to buy items straight from an app but it seems that it would be a bit too complicated with the same coding level that I have right now. This will help my client because they will be able to access a lot of stores as well as brands without having to look in more than one place. Also, this will allow them to buy the actual items on the app, and allow them to “cop” on the spot. This app will also give people living in Hong Kong the opportunity that people in the USA have, as then Hong Kong people would get a specific time of when to buy the item, unlike now where you have to calculate it yourself.