4th June 2014

Music Playing and Theory Reflection

Playing Reflection: I got 10 out of 10 for both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I am super honest, I didn't practice. But I did help Sachin (some time) and made him super jealous. My practice diary doesn't show this but teaching people helps practice as well. Theory  Reflection: Theory test on the other hand, I got 6 out of 8. I basically screwed up the last part, I basically got the freaken phonic stuff wrong and I forgot one of the ...
19th December 2013

December 19 music test reflection

Handed in Test I feel very confident that I would do the test well. I know that you were meant to study for the test even though I didn't study. It was great to have a test I could ace in. I am 98% certain that I got everything correct and I look forward to getting my marks back. Received test: I was correct, well sort of. I predicted 98% chance but it's actually 98% correct.  Guess I ...
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