It is unsurprising when we hear that experts in Art can’t always agree what ‘is’ and ‘is not’ Art.
We might say that the distinction between what ‘is’, and what ‘is not’ art, is not always clear.
Similar to the question of what is art, the distinction between science and pseudoscience is also not clear.
Analyze this claim.

Nowadays, science is considered to be the relative truth in how the universe as it is mostly accurate in predicting the future. Pseudoscience, on the other hand, is basically considered to be fake (or alternative).

Science is good at explaining how the universe we live in works. It’s not just knowing the distance from the sun to earth, but actually understanding how gravity works based on what we know about it. Experiments are conducted to prove the hypothesis, and if it is repeatable by other scientists, it would be considered to be scientific knowledge.

Pseudoscience usually doesn’t rely on any reliable sources and definitely cannot be proven by repeated scientific tests. An example of this would be the theory of creationism, this book mainly relies on the bible which is considered by most people to have some errors small or big. Instead of using meaningful, controlled, repeatable scientific experiments, it is on eyewitness testimonies, tall tales and rumors.