1. Inquirer

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always enjoyed music both in listening and playing. I’ve always been curious of how sounds were created. This eventually led to me learning one instrument after another. This meant there actually was a time when I was learning four instruments. I learned this many instruments at the same time by having teachers and practicing on my own. Sometimes I’m so busy with school that practicing isn’t an option and this is why my music marks have been gradually decreasing over the years.

I’ve also been interested in daily things I might happen to bump into, so I’ll so projects I assign myself as a challenge to my very boring life. One of the more successful and random projects I’ve done is planting mushrooms.

2. Open-minded

There was a time that I was a very racist person, there was also a time when I took sterotypes seriously. I’ve now moved on from those things as I’ve done actual research on these topics and now I just use sterotypes to make jokes. I consider this to be one of the biggest breakthroughs of my childhood as I have parents who have different views on the world.

Now that I’ve figured out how the outside world is actually like, I’m focussing on accepting people on a more personal level, starting with little children. So I joined the YMCA leadership program in the summer for fun. This was a program that trained teenagers to become the future of YMCA. In this course, I’ve leanrt how to interact with children and deal with some difficult situations. They’ve also taught ways to be careful in some difficult situations, skills that will definately be useful in the future.

3. Caring
I’ve always been a caring person when people get hurt or find themselves in trouble, even when that person isn’t a friend. I’ve also seen that as a sort of weakness that I was born with. But those people don’t matter as much as the people I care about, and if they were to get in trouble someday, I wanted to be able to do something about it instead of just trying to calm them down.

So I took a first aid course to be more useful in the future. I hope this skill doesn’t come in handy in the future. But for me to say that I’m a qualified first aider in certain situations has a lot of weight. Other than people around me feeling safer, I think it comforts me to know that I have a sort of healing ability.

4. Risk-taker
All my friends know me as a reckless person who takes unnecessary risks in even some of the most important times. This of course is an exaggeration of my personality and it’s just there for reputation propaganda.

An example of me taking risks is when I have the tendency to do whatever I want in scout camps. There are times when I either try new tent configurations or make my own fire. In reality, it’s actually not really considered a risk but some scouters would make a big deal out of everything to try to make me a big trouble maker. The bigger risk here isn’t actually trying new things, but it’s how I get out of trouble.

Another obvious indicator that I’m a risk taker is the choices of CAS trips I chose. I tend to go for more physical or risky choices. The two trips I’ve gone so far are to Nepal for hiking and Phuket to experience the forest. It wasn’t an intentional risk, but I do tend to go for places that I’ll gain more experience and isolated places which means I’m further away from any hospital.

5. Reflective
Although the “Hermann is so mature” joke is around in the school, I tend to reflect on my past experiences as far reaching as that might sound for my friends. It’s very difficult to necessarily find proof of this unless they are super advanced brain scans that can tell what I’m thinking (it doesn’t exist).

So what I do, is I look at the past to figure out the future. It’s worked out pretty well, and sometimes, it also seems like I have a sixth sense which is awesome. This also has brought its own problems by making me focus on the past slightly more than I’m suppose to. It means I might be stuck on some past moments and sometimes random moments pop up in the most random situations. Embarrassing memories are the worst because they cause a reaction out of me, in some situations, this is not exactly the most normal of all behaviors.

Another strategy is to temporary stop whatever you’re doing and step back, this might seem a little weird during a group activity, but it usually results in a better way of doing thing or realising what you did was very stupid. Which is a good thing in any situation.