My key takeaways from today
I did learnt how important teamwork is and how difficult the task actually is through today’s activities. At first I thought it was going to be a piece of cake because I always do these types of challenges and I’m very good at them, but then I didn’t put time into the equation and my group didn’t even get to test the first prototype. 

If I could do it all again
I thought my group and I used time very well during Design Day. The design of the valve isn’t proven yet so there is no way I can comment on the product. However, I would want to have planned for the production, not just the design. 

I used to think… Now I think
I used to think that people these days would know what on earth this project is suppose to be. It’s really frustrating seeing people using pingpong balls for their design, if it was a real valve, it wouldn’t fit in the veins. So now I think many people are unoriginal and unrealistic about how valves worked.