December Theory Test
I was a little worried when this theory thing came along, I am grade 5 theory but I don’t remember anything at all (most of it). Judging by the amount of time we had in class, there was no way I was going to remember everything I once knew. I don’t think I did really well on this test because I didn’t actually know everything on it. The timing for the test was a good amount but a little more time would have helped. It’s hard to complain about the preparation, the studying and the timing since all of them seem to be reasonable. But I just don’t think I did too well, the test actually surprised me at how much I didn’t have to fail!

Playing test
It was a disaster! I was thinking of slacking off a little and play snare drum instead of the xylophone, it didn’t turn out too well. I figured out almost last moment that I had to play the xylophone, it was probably my fault not thinking it through anyway. It was the loop practice technique where you repeat the part that you can’t play, it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience, I found it quite effective in such a short amount of time. Especially when the “xylophone” at home is so small that you pretty much can’t really practice. I screwed up in the middle of the playing test, not the scales but the song. That to me was very embarrassing, I’m usually used to acing playing tests, theory didn’t matter as long as I didn’t get too bad but playing tests should be a piece of cake for percussion. When I heard that no one was below a 4 or 6 or something (I forgot), I was just so relieved. I was literally just laughing to myself, how could it happen?