Playing Reflection:
I got 10 out of 10 for both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I am super honest, I didn’t practice. But I did help Sachin (some time) and made him super jealous. My practice diary doesn’t show this but teaching people helps practice as well.

Theory  Reflection:
Theory test on the other hand, I got 6 out of 8. I basically screwed up the last part, I basically got the freaken phonic stuff wrong and I forgot one of the song stuff so I couldn’t comment on it. Everything else that’s hardcore music (not fluff) I got all correct.

Performance & Honest Reflection:
I practiced 15 times the entire year, we go to school for 180 day minus day 0, sports day, Alan Dick memorial walk, sick for 5 days. That makes 172 divided by 2= 86. 15 divided by 86 = about 18% of the time, not bad (hehehehheehehe).

I think I should do a recap on moodle before I do any test next time.