My weekend was a very boring one and I hope you have better weekends.

On Saturday, I had scout, which is two hours. I was there early and so were some of the others, one of a friend of mine brought a basketball so we played, we were not used to such a low basket so it was a bit easier in a way and harder in a way.

The most annoying thing is that my friend can reach the basket without tippy toe and I would have to jump to touch the basket (he is so tall).

The scouters had a bit of a discussion so that took about half an hour so I watched my friend play with his I-Pad 2.

I went back home for my other lessons and my dad let me watch part of the movie, oh yeah (that was the best part of my weekend).

The next thing I did was I had a boring piano lesson, I also learn a new song. I just hate the beginning part where you have to practice the most, but after that you just need to learn where to play louder and where to play louder.

After that, I went to eat lunch and I had my choir lesson. It was better than the piano lesson. Well at least you don’t have to read two lines of music at once.

On Sunday, it is even worst (maybe it is good so I don’t need to type so much); I just kept on practicing for my Chinese test and a Chinese poem.

This Chinese poem below is the one I am practicing. It is so long and I don’t want to memorize it but my mom made me, how sad.