Backing up macbooks

by Rachel on October 13, 2011


In school, we have been using Mac books from Apple, which was created by Steve Jobs (RIP steve jobs), and we have been using them for a year now, so now it’s time for….RE-IMAGING.

Re-imaging is something that is just like UPDATING all your softwares. Since we use this for school, we have to UPDATE our mac books so we would have a better version of a software to work on. So we would have to back-up our mac books, just in case if our data in our mac books, get lost. The re-imaging happens in the LTT department, with the professionals. I would like to tell you the steps for backing up.

1: You would have to connect your hard drive to your laptop.
2: When you see your hard drive on your desk top, click on it.
3: After you clicked on it, a window will appear, and go to file, new finder window, and there will be another finder window.
4: When you see that, go to the little house on the side with your name on it and drag everything into the hard drive window.
5: Wait for it to load on the hard drive.
6: When it is done, just take out the hard drive, keep it somewhere safe, and you can bring it to re-imaging now.

I would like to tell you what I think is the concepts of this topic.
1:  Function
2: Responsibility.

That’s all I have to say so bye!

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