Business9 Unit 3 – Ethics

by Rachel on January 22, 2015

1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?
With ethics I learned that companies interact globally and the rest of the world will react to that. They have to connect internationally to gain recognition and popularity. This could be either in a positive or negative way depending on the actions of the company. What they do well and what they don’t do well will leave a imprint and that will change the impression of their company that the rest of the world will most likely hold that impression against the company.

2. How does what I have learned fit within the relevant global context?
What I learned is that businesses have many impacts that can be both positive or negative. For example, if we take monsanto, they increased the price for rural farmers which is negative because now farmers are having trouble keeping their crops up to par since they can’t buy as many resources.

3. How does what I have learned help me to answer the relevant inquiry question(s)?
I learned that to determine if an action is ethical is what the consequences and outcomes are. If they do more harm than good, it is most likely unethical. If it benefits the majority of the people and society, it is most likely ethical. I believe that businesses are only ethical to an extent where they are doing as much good as they can, but they have to do a few things that might be harmful just so they can keep their company up and running. This might be to get more energy, grow more crops, hire more people…etc.

4. How does what I have learned connect with what I have learned previously to enrich my understanding of the SOI?
I knew before that many companies had at least a few unethical practices however, after this project, I realised that some are done for a reason and some are counteracting with an ethical practice. I also knew that people held impressions of companies and businesses very strongly, and this helped me learned that these impressions are caused by bad consequences of bad actions and choices by a most likely unethical company.

5. Examples of real-world situations that help explain the content further.
If we take monsanto as a real world situation, it is a popular agriculture company that helps more than 50% of the worlds agriculture sources. They have done ethical practices such as drives, donations, charity funds…. etc, however they have done more unethical practices that many people consider to be almost unforgivable. They raised prices for rural farmers that can barely afford to get by with the original price, they contributed to pollution, and denied what seems to be true evidence of their unethical practices.

6. An updated diagram or mindmap to show how the SOI, inquiry questions and topics fit together. 


Design9 – Math Design Day

by Rachel on January 6, 2015

Today, we spent all day at the library as a grade to discuss and start our 2nd and last Design Project of the year. For this project, we will be using design in math, which is mostly focusing on statistics.

For this project, we could either use our data from our last Geography survey or we can start from scratch and think of a entirely new topic that connects to our school. After that, we looked at what the problem/situation is and developed survey questions to help us gain a further understanding of what we need to do to solve this problem.

After that, we also had about 20 minutes where we got to explore Adobe InDesign and learn how to use it. The teacher presented some tools and skills for us and we got some time to try on our own.

We then had to move on and write our design brief and start researching and looking at inspiration so that we know how to start.





Design9 – English Design

by Rachel on December 22, 2014

I have just completed my first grade 9 Design Project linking to my english graphic novels unit. This is my reflection and evaluation of what I have learned and done in the past 2 months.

What have you learned from completing this project?
Completing this project, I learned how to use graphic novel conventions in an effective way, instead of just using them as visual decorations. You can use graphic novel conventions as a metaphor and use it to help convey the tone or message that your scene is trying to show.

What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome these challenges?
Some challenges I faced was when I first started using Illustrator. I couldn’t make the ink blank and stay opaque and it took me a while to figure it out. I looked at some videos on youtube and just experimented by myself making sure that all the setting I should have is correct. Watching the youtube videos provided on moodle helped guide me through the whole process.

I think a way to have visuals reveal meaning is to connect different aspects to it. For example, the tone of it is happy, and we will use the human as a visual. Make his face brighter and smiling, his skin has more colour to it and the colour of his clothes brighter. For the tone sad, you could make the face appear paler with a straight expression. His body language slouchy and the colour of his clothes quite deep or pale.

Perspectives often change through the use of visuals by the way you present those visuals. So what I said I said before, using different colours and making the body language and face expressions different, it can create different tones and that will give the audience a different perspective on what is happening in your scene.

If you were to do this project again, what would you differently?
What I would do differently is I would make the panels straighter and more parallel to each other so that it looks more organised and clean. I would also choose a larger variety of shades since a lot of my colours blend different shapes together when they are suppose to be different objects. I would also add some more images and animations to make it more interesting and so that there aren’t as many blank spaces. Another way to use up the space would just to put more detail.




Business9 Unit 2 – Economy

by Rachel on November 24, 2014

1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?
I learned that the economy status is one of the external factors that easily affects the structure. If there isn’t enough money to support the system, it won’t be as efficient, fast, and successful. If there isn’t enough money for resource, then supply wont be as much meaning the process wont be as fast or it wont be as reliable.

2. How does what I have learned fit within the relevant global context?
The relationship and identity of the economy changes frequently depending on the consumer and the sellers, and they rely on each other a lot just to make sure the market is at equilibrium and keep everyone happy. So if there were to be an increase in demand, the equilibrium price will change with the sellers having to adjust and pressures the price to decrease.

3. How does what I have learned help me to answer the relevant inquiry question(s)?
I learned that there are many steps for raw materials before it turns into another product that we buy for a very high price or even just buy the raw material itself. It still has many places and steps to go through before it gets to the consumers hand. I also learned that the different levels can get very broad and the items you think would not be indirect competitions will be slightly related in one of the levels at one point.

4. How does what I have learned connect with what I have learned previously to enrich my understanding of the SOI?
What I learned before is that the economic structure changes quite a lot according to consumer and the sellers together, and this helped me enrich my understanding on how this would work and the reasons/effects and causes for these things to happen.

5. Examples of real-world situations that help explain the content further.
I don’t have an exact real-world situation I can think of, but I can use it and put it through a simulation. Let’s use apple again. If they run out of materials for the product, production will be slower or even have to completely stop just because that one part isn’t there or they don’t have enough. Maybe when you transport items from one place to another for its different purposes, and it isn’t working as efficiently or some conflict or obstacle prevents it from working at its best, then the production will be slower, and there will be less supply. Since there is a lot of demand for apple products at the moment, there will be a shortage in the market.

6. An updated diagram or mindmap to show how the SOI, inquiry questions and topics fit together. 



Business9 Unit 2 – Chain of Production

by Rachel on November 12, 2014

1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?
With the chain of production, I learned that there is a specific structure and process every type of product or idea has to go through before the final product is out. This structure is different for different things even though they have similar places where they have to go, but the process and the order is not the same

2. How does what I have learned fit within the relevant global context?
I learned that some of the sectors are used to connect two other sectors. The different sectors are there for specific things and they are as important as any other sector. If one shuts down, it can affect the structure and process critically.

3. How does what I have learned help me to answer the relevant inquiry question(s)?
Economic sectors are connected together inevitably, and can easily affect each other if one happens to increase supply or decrease supply. What influences supply in the market is how much resource they have for that product or how long it takes to make the product, which is caused by how many workers they have in the force, which is caused by how many people need to be employed or who is qualified for the job. The web goes on and on, almost never ending.

4. How does what I have learned connect with what I have learned previously to enrich my understanding of the SOI?
I knew before that there were many steps and places products would have to go through before the final product, and what I learned helped me understand what that structure is. It reminded and made me realise the importance of everything and how one small change can affect the entire process majorly or even just a little bit. I learned that many things can affect the process directly and indirectly. By indirectly, I mean that it affects the aspects that would affect the process. So like I said earlier, connections go from one to another and they can have a huge impact on each aspect.

5. Examples of real-world situations that help explain the content further.
Apple is a good example of this situation. Apple starts from America and has to transport its ideas to different places or even countries to get that idea established, then to another to get it created, then another to get it tested, then it is distributed all around the world for selling.

6. An updated diagram or mindmap to show how the SOI, inquiry questions and topics fit together. 



Grade 9 Design Day

by Rachel on October 30, 2014

So today was the first out of 2 design days we will have for Grade 9. For this design day, we focused on what we were recently doing in English which are graphic novels. For this project we will be using Adobe Illustrator, so we used quite a significant amount of time learning about the application and how to use it. We had a template to practice with, and you can see below we had to make the word “vector”. We used this word because the Adobe Illustrator app uses vectors instead of pixels, so no matter how much you zoom in, it won’t be pixelated.

Here is what we did (click on the image to have a clearer image).



We also learned about Grantt charts to practice and learn about planning. This was quite complicating since we didn’t really know what would it take to accomplish

After that, we also took some time to look at other graphic novels, annotating and observing them, ultimately learning from them and seeing what we can take out of it and put it in our future graphic novels, which can make ours more professional and clean. We had to comment on how they used the C.R.A.P. principals and I also added what conventions they used so that I look at it more and focus on it so I can learn how to use them in future projects.

We spent the day learning about what we are going to do and learning about the apps and about graphic novels. We are gong to continue and start the actual project next week, and making a scene from the cellist of sarajevo. So there will be more then.



Business9 Unit 1 – Types of Organisations

by Rachel on October 5, 2014

1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?
I learned how businesses can help each other or how businesses start and how organisations like charities would still try to top each other because this will help them strive to become more successful, and be able to help more. I found out that different types of organisations still strive to be competitive but sometimes they all do it in a different way.

2. How does what I have learned fit within the relevant global context?
Organisations follow needs and wants connecting with the orientation of place and time to interest the public so they can get more income. They use the needs and wants to advertise and market to make their organisation seem more interesting and appealing.

3. How does what I have learned help me to answer the relevant inquiry question(s)?
I think I learned there isn’t always an optimal form of organisation or business ownership, and it usually depends on how the public looks at it. Seeing if they think this type of organisation or business ownership will be beneficial to the team of workers and the public customers.

4. How does what I have learned connect with what I have learned previously to enrich my understanding of the SOI?
I have never really learned about the types of organisation, but I learned that even organisations like these will strive to be better than one another because its beneficial to make themselves strive to become a better and stronger team. This makes them fight to be number one and find creative ways to do so.

5. Examples of real-world situations that help explain the content further.
An example would be charities. Charities will always try to help each other out every once in a while, but they will also try to be better than each other sometimes, because this puts them in the mindset to work harder so they get more out of it.

6. An updated diagram or mindmap to show how the SOI, inquiry questions and topics fit together. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 7.55.00 pm


Business9 Unit 1 – Industry Associations

by Rachel on October 5, 2014

1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?
Industry associations may allow them to have bigger leaps on innovations causing other companies/businesses to want to catch up and strive to be better. Industry associations can have an easier effect on marketing because in a bigger team, there can also be a stronger team to help think of more ideas and strategies.

2. How does what I have learned fit within the relevant global context?
Industry Associations still have to invent and innovate according to the needs and wants of the society which also connects with orientation of place and time. If you want it to be on a global scale sooner, it can be a more international business. Many different employees from different places of the world, come together and share their research and ideas to fulfil the global communities needs and wants.

3. How does what I have learned help me to answer the relevant inquiry question(s)
I think some industry associations will bring in more people globally to help with research so they can fulfil needs and wants of multiple societies instead of maybe just one nation.

4. How does what I have learned connect with what I have learned previously to enrich my understanding of the SOI?
I knew that people would work in teams to share ideas and make innovations better and this helped me see what goes on in that process and the deeper reasoning as to why and how companies/businesses would expand globally and be so successful. This can also lead other businesses, (maybe globally) to react and try to get better.

5. Examples of real-world situations that help explain the content further.
Again, businesses such as apple is a big example. They started over in america by Steve Jobs and as the word spread over seas by social media or just by immigrants and newspapers, word got out internationally and it has become such a global impact. They have hired people from overseas to help with the business for marketing or even just for production.

6. An updated diagram or mindmap to show how the SOI, inquiry questions and topics fit together.
Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 7.37.53 pm


Business9 Unit 1 – Invention and Innovation

by Rachel on October 5, 2014

1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?
Inventions and Innovations are opportunities for entrepreneurs. The idea of it is an opportunity to take action and make something successful out of it. This is also an opportunity for everyone else to start building on their ideas and staying competitive with each other. As each innovation gets stronger, everyone will get stronger. This is an opportunity to keep everyone on their toes.

2. How does what I have learned fit within the relevant global context?
Inventions and Innovations have to fit with the societies needs and wants depending on its orientation of place and time. This is one of the biggest factors to making a company/business successful. It has to be of interest to the local public first, and then slowly expand into the global public as they learn the international needs and wants.

3. How does what I have learned help me to answer the relevant inquiry question(s)
Entrepreneurs respond to the needs and wants of the society by coming up with new innovations and if some are lucky, new inventions. The societies needs will always stay the same but the wants are always changing as time evolves. So innovations can easily upgrade over that course of time as well.

4. How does what I have learned connect with what I have learned previously to enrich my understanding of the SOI?
Before this business course, I didn’t know much about inventions and innovations however, I finally understand that inventions and innovations are what drives every company to be competitive with each other and try to beat each other out. The business could be as simple as hair salons, but they will find new ways to innovate on that idea and make their own more extravagant and unique so they get more income, and they spark interests easily.

5. Examples of real-world situations that help explain the content further.
Inventions are something new while innovations are just a new idea added to that previous idea. I think apple is one of the biggest examples. They started out with an innovation of phones, and while other phones started to innovate and start to catch up, apple gets more ideas and innovates so they always seem one step ahead. They’re biggest competition would be samsung since they are almost alike. Both these companies have stayed competitive over time and have strived to make it to the top of the markets.

6. An updated diagram or mindmap to show how the SOI, inquiry questions and topics fit together. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 7.09.35 pm


Business9 Unit 1 – Enterpreneurship

by Rachel on October 5, 2014

1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?
I learned the different steps entrepreneurs have to go through and what they do to make an innovative idea get better and better over multiple times, and versions. I now understand why entrepreneurs want to stay competitive and how they do so, and what are the pros and cons of such actions.

2. How does what I have learned fit within the relevant global context?
I learned and realised how fast businesses change and how many opportunities will come and go. The opportunities the owner(s) take will make or break the company and that can change the business quite drastically. I also learned that either if your choice was good or bad, it will help your business evolve. If it happens to be a bad choice, you’ll learn and take something out of that experience and will be motivated to make it better and work harder. If it was good, then those choices become a quick road to gaining more success.

3. How does what I have learned help me to answer the relevant inquiry question(s)
I learned what entrepreneurs do to understand how to make a successful idea/product. I learned what entrepreneurs have to consider and think about before even introducing the idea/product to the public. I learned that entrepreneurs have to think about many aspects when it comes to inventing or innovating an idea/product.

4. How does what I have learned connect with what I have learned previously to enrich my understanding of the SOI?
I found out that entrepreneurs research and use peoples needs and wants depending on where in place and time so that it is relevant to the local public and can slowly innovate it so its relevant to a broader public audience and can eventually expand internationally.

5. Examples of real-world situations that help explain the content further.
People that own and bring up stores, for example, clothing stores, beauty and fashion…etc, that sell products that are original. These are the people that have an original idea and then just goes and brings it up. They are successful at being a entrepreneur.

6. An updated diagram or mindmap to show how the SOI, inquiry questions and topics fit together. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 7.03.05 pm


Business9 Unit 1 – Starting A Business

by Rachel on August 31, 2014

1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?
I learned how entrepreneurs start their companies and what they do in order to reach their goal. I learned what companies and businesses do in order to start innovating for success.

2. How does what I have learned fit within the relevant global context?
Sometimes how a business starts and how it succeeds is by what the place they are started in or based in wants and needs. It depends on what the society wants first and starts to expand into a global and international scale on needs and wants.

3. How does what I have learned help me to answer the relevant inquiry question(s)
Entrepreneurs take their feedback on what the society needs and wants and then works on that. They use the societies needs and wants as a base and starts building up their company by following public and popular trends that are growing or will be coming up soon.

4. How does what I have learned connect with what I have learned previously to enrich my understanding of the SOI?
I learned how and why entrepreneurs would start a company, and what motivates them to innovate and keep going with the company. I learned what makes them strive harder to make their business more successful.

5. Examples of real-world situations that help explain the content further.
A lot of new  companies have started to go into the business world and have started growing financially and socially by partnering up with other business and companies. They followed up to the popular trends and fit in and became relevant to the public internationally. Through partnering up with other businesses and getting their companies and businesses more public and maybe in headlines, they easily get reviews and feedback from many different sources and they are willing to improve from the feedback to succeed even further.

6. An updated diagram or mindmap to show how the SOI, inquiry questions and topics fit together. 


Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 1.28.18 am


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Business9 Unit 1 – Needs & Wants

by Rachel on August 31, 2014

1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?
I learned that companies and business will use recent popular trends to innovate on their product/service to make it more relevant to the public. Sometimes, they will search for trends that are coming up in the future, and uses that to innovate so they’ll be on top of things or can even set the trend, which can give the company much more spotlight.

2. How does what I have learned fit within the relevant global context?
The needs and wants in a community or even internationally can change quite quickly. Companies will have to innovate their stuff and make it better and keep up with whats new and what people consider as old news. A lot of the times, companies will succeed depending on where they are and what ‘era’ it is (By era I mean, for e.g: Samsung for the last few years got more popular, they time where the ipods were still popular.).

3. How does what I have learned help me to answer the relevant inquiry question(s)
Entrepreneurs will always have a new idea that they can bring out into the public that can satisfy their needs and their wants. This is an opportunity to start a business and get it running when it’s popular. These companies will strive to keep innovating on their ideas to make it better so they can become the big popular companies known internationally such as apple.

4. How does what I have learned connect with what I have learned previously to enrich my understanding of the SOI?
I learned how entrepreneurs expand on their companies and ideas and become more successful by expanding and opening up their minds and options to what the public wants and adding them into their company to make it more relevant to many people, even stretching from a small community to an international scale.

5. Examples of real-world situations that help explain the content further.
I think the most recent is how Coke buys a percentage of Monster. I think that coke is testing the waters with Monster and still seeing how they’re doing and thats why they haven’t bought Monster completely. Monster has had quite a controversial past, causing deaths. If anything like that spurs again, it can become quite an uproar to many.

6. An updated diagram or mindmap to show how the SOI, inquiry questions and topics fit together. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 1.22.29 am


Business9 Unit 1 – What is Business?

by Rachel on August 31, 2014

1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?
I learned the basis of what Business really is and what it contains. I learned about the different factors in business that can make the company stronger and what makes the company not so strong. I learned what makes a business more successful and strive better, and what makes a business either stay the same or lose some success. I think this all adds up to why entrepreneurs need to innovate and this is what makes them remain competitive so that they can stay on top of things and strive to be more successful than one another.

2. How does what I have learned fit within the relevant global context?
In different years and different places, the trends are very different. So businesses will have to find the right trend or create services and products based on what people want in that time or in that place, or sometimes even an international trend can help bring in more input.

3. How does what I have learned help me to answer the relevant inquiry question(s)
I Learned why people would want to create a business, and thats mostly out of personal interest. That’s already an opportunity. Sometimes, they create a business to help others, like services. This is also another opportunity to create a business. You have an idea and the strive to do it and thats where the opportunity starts. I also learned what comes after that and what gives opportunities for a company to grow more successful.

4. How does what I have learned connect with what I have learned previously to enrich my understanding of the SOI?
I haven’t had a lot of experience of business before this year, however looking at my father who is a businessmen and other famous companies and brands on the news, I learned more on what makes a company more successful and the operation of everything. I learned more on how to further build your company as well.

5. Examples of real-world situations that help explain the content further.
I think the most famous and well-known for their competition recently, are Apple and Samsung. They’ve been very competitive with each other in the last few years and have tried to top each others designs and functions. They’ve been keeping competitive with each other by innovating on their designs, all the while, gaining more success.

6. An updated diagram or mindmap to show how the SOI, inquiry questions and topics fit together.
Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 12.48.48 am


Music – Tests + Reflections

by Rachel on June 4, 2014

So it is the final week of school, and the week before, we did a music playing test that requires us to play 3 different scales and 1 piece that we got to choose out of 2, and also a music theory test that included everything we learned in the past year in music class. 

These are the marks I got from the playing test.

I think I did pretty well, but I messed up 2/3 of the scales and had a few mistakes in my piece.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.11.12 pm Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.11.28 pm


These are the marks I got from the theory test:

It was an okay score but there are places that could have been improved such as the key signatures and labeling textures. I think if I studied a little bit more, it would have helped me a lot.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.10.50 pm Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.10.15 pm

Overall, I think I did pretty well, but there are places where I could have done better.


This year in music, I noticed that my ‘input to class’ or participation in class is pretty small as I don’t speak up much for ideas, nor do I contribute much, and that is something I need to work on. For homework, I do them all, but I did have a few slip ups this year of forgetting to do them or completely forgetting to bring it home or something like that. For practice, I would practice when I could and I tried my best to keep a good practice schedule or pattern so that when I played in class, I wouldn’t struggle to keep up with the rest of the class.

I think I did okay this year for music .There were moments that I am proud of and others that I know that can be improved.

I learned a lot of new things this year in music, especially theory wise. My understanding on this subject has now broadened and has opened my mind up for other possibilities in the music world.


End of Year – French Reflection (2014)

by Rachel on June 3, 2014

We have 7 actual school days left in our school year, and it’s crazy to think that we’ve already been through another year of school.

In the past year, french class has really helped me develop my french skills. I have learned grammar, spelling, vocabulary, how to easily hold a conversation with someone as well as comprehending what someone is saying if I don’t understand every single word.

In my opinion, this years french class was pretty fun and it was easier to learn because my french base is a little stronger now after the other 3 years of learning, and my knowledge on this language has developed over the year.

French helped me a lot when I was out of school too. I was strolling around Hong Kong the other day, and a french tourist that didn’t understand english or Chinese very well was at the cashier. They were having a hard time communicating, and even though I didn’t understand every word he said, I understood what he meant in general so I went over and helped them. It was great to know that what I learnt in french class could benefit me outside of school.

I’m not taking french next year, however french class has taught me a lot, and not just language wise. French class made me notice that if I really tried, I can really understand and learn a new language that I have never even thought about learning. French was a whole new experience since I’ve never been to France nor have I ever learnt french. My parents have no knowledge in french at all so that would maybe give me a harder time but it was nice to know that for once, there was a subject where I could just look into myself and not always have my parents help me. This way, I learned to be more responsible and how to be a better student. I learned that if I really tried, I can do it.


My Best Digital Work This Year 2014

by Rachel on May 23, 2014

My best digital work this year was probably some of my presentations because I included a lot of visuals and I made the presentation as interesting as possible so that it was interesting. My french presentation was pretty good because I had a lot of visuals for the audience to look at and since the presentation was in a different language that not all of us are fluent in, the visuals really helped to explain what I was trying to say.

Another example is my humanities presentations, since there was a lot to say and it was hard to memorize, I put points down on the keynote, or I used pictures to remind me of what I need to say next. Especially since a lot of what I mostly have to say is of a physical object, putting in photos will let the audience understand and know exactly what I’m talking about.



Drama 8 – End Term Reflection

by Rachel on May 23, 2014

Hey guys,

So it’s almost winter break which means it’s the end of the Drama term. So here’s how the whole term went.

My favorite part of the term was probably melodrama, because we could be as loud and dramatic as we wanted it to be, and their weren’t much restrictions. The whole class had a lot of fun with this and we ended up having a lot of fun with each other.

The funniest part of the term was the improvisation unit because a lot of times we would all say the weirdest and strangest things possible because we didn’t know what to say, so sometimes it just wouldn’t make sense at all but that is what makes it so funny. The whole class had a lot of fun because we just had to make up random stuff and have a conversation on the spot being a certain character.

Overall, drama was a great subject and I wish it could have been longer 🙂





Grade 8 Science – Chemistry

Area of Investigation: Environments

Unit Question: Does our understanding of chemistry carry a responsibility?

I think that our understanding of chemistry does carry a responsibility. For example, nuclear power is a part of chemistry. Now a days nuclear power spillage has been a great hazardous problem in our society because of the large amount of it that we use in our daily lives. It’s our responsibility to clean up the mess as well as trying to prevent this to happen from the very beginning. Our knowledge on chemistry can save lives or even take away lives. So using chemistry responsibly we can change the world greatly or just  lives or even the smallest little things.


C.A.S. Week 2014 – Vietnam

by Rachel on May 23, 2014

From may 12th to may 17th, 29 other students and I went on a Community and Service trip to Vinh Long, Vietnam. It was pretty fun, ignoring the fact with the 30 degree Celsius heat and the unbelievable amount of bugs they have.

This trip included:

Boat Rides
We always used boats as a transportation to get from one place to another. The scenery was amazing though. You can see the different cultures and the different landscapes that showed.

Building houses
We spent two of our mornings going to a local family and helping them build a house that they always dreamed of. By going there, we helped the builders jobs easier and we made the work faster because we had more hands in the operation.

We spent an afternoon at a local farm, helping the farmer harvest some guavas and mangoes, afterwards, the farmers cut up the fruit and shared some with us too. The fruit tasted so fresh and it was fun to hang out with the local farming family.

Playing games with kids.
We spent the afternoon at a local primary schools, and we played games that we planned before hand. With the language barrier, it was harder to communicate, but we got some help from the teachers and other helpers and it ran pretty smoothly. The kids had a lot of fun, and we had a lot of fun being able to interact with kids from another country despite the language barrier.

After these, we transfered from a hotel to a local guest house in a nearby island. During our stay, we did:

Making Traditional Vietnamese Sticky Rice
When we moved into the guest house, a local family taught us how to make their traditional sticky rice.  They told us how the sticky rice came to be and they helped us a lot on making it. We had options of banana or bean and in the end, we had them as a bedtime snack all together and it was really delicious.

We had to wear black suits and then we were fishing in mud with our bare hands. This was really hard because the feeling and the experience was new. The fishes were swimming around and we couldn’t really see them through the mud and it was hard to grab them since we’re so not use to this kind of stuff. In the end, we all had a good time with it and the whole experience was pretty funny.

We had a lot of free time when we went to the local guest house, but that allowed all 30 of us to have some time together and hang out.

Overall the trip was really fun and I can’t wait for the next one in grade 9 🙂




Grade 8 Math Exam 2014

by Rachel on May 21, 2014

Two weeks ago, the whole of grade 8 and I took the grade 8 math exam which includes a year worth of what we learnt in it. Honestly, I could’ve done so much better.

To prepare for the exam, I went to the available tutorials as much as I can so hat if I have any problems or questions, I could easily ask a teacher or someone else to help explain it. I also did some of the old homeworks so I can review my old stuff as well as just looking at the old lesson plans that some teachers would post on to Moodle. This reminded me a lot and it helped me review a lot of stuff that was taught in class or was taught in my homework.

Going to the revisions and tutorials were really helpful because I easily learned what I needed to and it helped clear any confusions I had and it also mainly answered all my questions so that I knew what to do and how to do it. Reviewing the homework was good too, because then I had more practice so I would memorize and know what to do as well as the speed for it.

A tip for the exam is to not panic and get tons of sleep the night before so you have enough energy to think. Panicing will not help, because I find if I panic, I forget a lot of things. Another tip is to start studying at least a month ahead of time, because you would think that maybe 2 weeks would be fine, but it really doesn’t because it’s a years worth of information and you need to remember all of those and how to do it and that can tae a while sometimes.



Music – G Major Scale

by Rachel on March 9, 2014


Music – D Major Scale

by Rachel on March 9, 2014


Music – 16 Bar Melody Composition

by Rachel on March 6, 2014


8 Bar Composition Melody

by Rachel on February 18, 2014



Music Composition Assignment

by Rachel on February 18, 2014


Greatest Song Ever

by Rachel on February 12, 2014

I think that it wasn’t really hard to do this because we used this application before so it was kind of a review. It was still a good thing that I used it again so I can familiarize myself to the application so that I can use it in the future when I compose my own music.



Waste Not Want Not Reflection

by Rachel on January 27, 2014

  1. Something  I learned about Design projects from Waste Not, Want Not
    I learned that there are many different aspects in design and there are an infinite of possibilities to design a good packaging. I also learned that shapes and measurements are extremely important in the whole process, from nets to the real thing. It is one of the most important aspects of the project because it makes sure that our final product comes out as what we want.

  2. A personal strength that helped me succeed in the Waste Not, Want Not Project
    I enjoyed designing things a lot so I thought that maybe that skill helped me with the project. I made sure that the final product was creative, attractive and it represented our school in many different ways such as logos, colours, pictures or even flags.

  3. Something that challenged me in Waste Not, Want Not and a strategy to do better in The iBook Project
    My time management wasn’t very good. I didn’t do a lot in time and I always had to rush a lot. So I think for the IBook project I’m going to try to make my time management better so that my work will be done easily and the final product will be a better quality.

  4. Embed Design Challenge YouTube video


Music – Scarborough Fair

by Rachel on January 16, 2014


Music Scales – Concert C

by Rachel on January 16, 2014


Music Scales – Concert F

by Rachel on January 16, 2014


Music – December Theory Test

by Rachel on December 19, 2013

I don’t think I did too bad, however I think I could’ve studied more on key signatures, because sometimes I would get confused/mixed up. I had trouble for a few questions for the key signatures but other than that I think I did okay and it wasn’t too bad. It was kind of easy because we all did this together in class and our music teacher taught us how to do it step by step or he would give us worksheets that he prepared to help us with it as well.


I got 43 out of 54 right, which is 80%. I think that  was pretty good for me, but I think I could’v done better. Next time, to improve, I’m going to look back at my other assignments to help review and do some extra worksheets to help.




Waste Not, Want Not

by Rachel on December 18, 2013


Drama – Melodrama Performance

by Rachel on October 30, 2013

Hey guys,

so recently, in drama class, we have been learning about melodrama with the hero, heroine and villain and some extra characters. For our final assessment we had to present ‘The Damsel in Distress.’

You can watch it down below.


[youtube] [/youtube]


During that performance, I was nervous and scared that I would mess up (which unfortunately, I did), and I was paranoid of everything going wrong which just made me feel even more nervous and scared.

Tip: Don’t start to think of the negative. I did that, i messed up pretty bad 😛

Okay, Thanks guys bye 🙂


Waste Not, Want Not ll

by Rachel on October 29, 2013

Hey guys,

Here’s the process of making the packaging on sketch-up.


Grade 8 Design – Packaging Nets

by Rachel on October 29, 2013

Hey guys,

So today, we had design day for math which includes us packaging nets for apples or bananas. We all got into groups of 3 and we picked either an apples or a banana to make a package for. We had 4 things we had to meet up to. So Here’s my net:



Music – Key Signaure

by Rachel on October 24, 2013

Part 1:

Part 2:



Music – Notes with Stems (Stem Direction)

by Rachel on October 24, 2013


Music – Rhythms 3

by Rachel on October 24, 2013

Rhythms 3


Music – Rhythms 2

by Rachel on October 24, 2013


Music – Name the Notes 2

by Rachel on October 24, 2013


Music – Name the Notes 1

by Rachel on October 24, 2013


Music Theory Test

by Rachel on October 11, 2013


TAP – Community and Service

by Rachel on October 10, 2013

Hey guys,

So this week in Tap Class we were talking about Community and Service and here are some things I plan to do this year.

In School:

-Ushering for School Plays
-YearBook Club

Out of School:
-Church volunteer work

Bye 😛


Music – B♭Scale

by Rachel on October 2, 2013


I  created a Soundcloud where I can record my music. Recently, I recorded myself playing the  B♭Scale, so you can listen down below.


Chiang Mai, Thailand Experience Week

by Rachel on May 15, 2013

Hey guys!

So last week from the 6th of May until the 11th of May, the grade 7’s of CDNIS went on a trip that we call “experience week”. This year, us students got to go to Chiang Mai. The city is actually called Chiang Rai, but we stayed in the province of Chiang Mai. In Chiang Mai, we stayed in the education centre of the Maekok River Village Resort. It was really nice there. They provided us with a student pool and meals and even a student club which they call the “bamboo club” because the sides of it were made with bamboo. The instructors that we had for all our activities were incredibly nice and they were very fun to be around. We had activities like:

  • Kayaking
  • Jungle Survival
  • School Activities
  • Hilltribe Hike
  • Archery
  • Confidence Course
  • Rock-climbing
  • Thai Cooking/Marketing
  • Community Project (Building Canteen)
  • Mini-Olympics
Our whole grade was split into groups of 14. We had 8 groups. We did Kayaking in a river which is the actual Maekok river, but first we practiced in the pond beside it. The River was fast but very peaceful. There were very few speedboats on the river considering the river was not very deep. Jungle Survival was when we would learn how to make shelter and start a fire. We used bamboo and hay to make our shelter and we used woods and twigs and the things we could find to build the fire. We then used bamboo to make a pot and a few bowls and chopsticks. We tested out our pots and bowls by making actual noodles in the pot on top of the fire, and we tested the shelter by throwing water all over it and seeing how much water would leak through the top.
The school activities were when we went to the school near our area and we would go and hang out and play games with the kids there. The kids there consisted of the ages from 6- 14. Even though some were older than us and some were a lot older, we had a great time playing around the field and just hanging out. The Hilltribe hike was us walking to one mountain to some others. We would pass by some villages and see their lifestyles and compare on how different there were to ours. The mountain that we ended up in was one with a temple on it. The Temple was a Buddhist Temple. This temple was not only a temple, but was also a museum for tourists.
Archery was so fun. I learned how to play and turns out I’m not that bad *not that i’m bragging :)* We practiced a few shots and then we played a game where everybody blows up a balloon and then we would stick it on a target board that wasn’t our owns. When your balloon was shot down by someone, you would stop playing the game. I ended up being the last ones and I was against my teacher. Sadly, I didn’t win, but it was still amazing to have these experiences. 🙂 The confidence course was kinda like The “Wipeout” Zone. You know, like the game show? We would have chain ropes that we had to walk across and swing from one to another and we have balancing beams, monkey bars and monkey hoops. It sure wasn’t easy and it sure did take A LOT of confidence to be able to go on it. I was scared at first but when I got on, it was really fun. If we fell, we would just fall into water. The water wasnt the cleanest, but it was really refreshing since the weather was sunny, sunny, SUNNY
Rock-climbing was really fun too. I ‘m afraid of heights so it was a little scary for me, but I still got to the top with not so much trouble. It ended up being fun seeing everyone as little tiny people. It was like you were a giant and the people on the floor were there to serve you. It was funny. The team was really encouraging on helping people that we scared to get to the top. Then we had Thai Cooking and Marketing which was just us going into town to buy ingredients to use to cook the dishes that we were going to learn. We learned how to  make soy sauce veggies and curry chicken. It was nice to have the experience.
Next we had the Community project where we went back to the school before and we were building them a new canteen. We made bricks, scraped things, painted walls to help out with building their canteen. It was a school tradition. Everyone that went to the MRV Educational project would build them something new. It was nice to know that we weren’t just having fun doing it, but we were helping out others as well.
On the very last day before we left, we did a mini olympics. All 8 groups would gather on the field, take our grade picture and then we would have mini races. Some were time permitting, and some were points for who was the funniest. Even the teachers got to do a round of it. It was hilarious watching them act as chicken. You don’t see that everyday right? Might as well make the best of it. 🙂


Throughout this trip a learned a few things, Questions and Answers, HERE WE COME.


How has this trip helped you to become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth.
I found out what I was good and what I would need to work on by trying new things. Because of Archery, I became aware that I have a pretty good aim. Because of the Confidence Course, I became aware that I should work on my body strength. Because of Rock climbing, I became aware that I could overcome any fear that I had as long as I try.

How has this trip helped you to appreciate nature?
This trip helped me appreciate nature because everywhere we went, we would see trees, grass, flowers, animals, bugs…etc. Some weren’t very pleasant… *cough* bugs *cough*, but it was nice to see how everything was connected to each other and how if they weren’t alive, many things would have changed.

What was it like to be away from your family for a week?
Not having your family around for a week was a new experience. Being away from them made me feel more mature, independent and responsible. Even though I missed them dearly, it was cool to have a new experience and learning how to do things on your own.



Hong Kong Heritage – Coming attractions

by Rachel on April 29, 2013

Hey guys,

Watch this space for my Hong Kong Heritage documentary about the Peninsula hotel!

7B The Peninsula Hotel 2013 from Nicole Chan on Vimeo.


Math Reflection – Algebraic Patterns

by Rachel on January 25, 2013

Hey guys,
So the past few months we have been learning about Algebraic Patters. This unit was really interesting because it wasn’t just about the patters that we use to talk about like color patterns. This time it’s about the patterns on how we find the numbers grow and how it increases and how there is a relationship between them.  I really liked when we did pattern games and when we did some fun and interesting activities about patterns. It made learning about it more fun and understandable. I really liked the dinner table problem because it made everything more simple by giving real life examples.However,  I didn’t really like when we had to do number sequences because it took a while to understand and sometimes it makes my brain a little confused and things get messed up.I think I learned functions really well because it was a lot simpler and it was really fun to figure out and solve the problems.

I think that the study of patterns is important because it is something that we see and might be something that we will HAVE to use in the future as a job or a career and also in our daily life. Patterns are seen everywhere.


Hey guys, 

So in science class, we have learning about the 6 kingdoms and the adaptions. For homework, we were assigned to write 10 adaptions for an animal of our choice. 5 structural adaptions and 5 behavioral. 

5 Structural Adaptions:

  1. long neck: Helps them reach tall trees
  2. long legs: Helps them escape from predators
  3. big eyes: Helps them see predators from a farther distance
  4. Leathery mouth: Food gathering.
  5. Spots and Blotches: Helps them blend in with the branches and other surroundings.

5 Behavioural Adaptions:

  1. Usually sleep standing up
  2. They can run up to 35 mph
  3. They kick with their hooves and slam with their heads
  4. They usually sleep for only 1-12 minutes
  5. They can go without water for several days
Tune in for more posts later on 😀


Humanities – Shi HuangDi Unit

by Rachel on December 14, 2012

Hi guys 😀

For the past few weeks, we have been learning about Shi HuangDi and we were discussing his positive and negative achievements. We wrote an essay for his positive and negative achievements and handed it in. I learned that he was the one that ordered the great wall of china to be built and he was the one who standardized China. He was a emperor that has started a lot of what we have now. 

A skill I learned was how to make a proper essay and make it interesting and not make it boring. I learned about sentence fluency and how important it is to make an essay good and properly done. I also learned how to make an interesting poster. How to attract the audience and make things interesting so they would be more interested into learning what we have to say.

If you guys want to learn more about Shi HuangDi, click here 😀

noodle tools^



Area of Interaction – Math

by Rachel on December 4, 2012

In math study of patterns, I am looking into Human Ingenuity as the Area of Interaction because Human ingenuity is what us humans create and it is not natural. As humans, we have created math and patterns and how to identify them and we use them in our daily lives.




I think for this issue it would relate more to Human Ingenuity, but it’s about how human ingenuity IMPACTS the environment. These 2 issues are very similar. Both of them are talking about how humans are building things and using so many resources that are have and still are having an impact to our planet. As for our air pollution, we broke the o-zone layer.


For the Lorax, the great once-ler moved in to the field, made a factory, and used the trees to knit kneeds. As his popularity grew, the more resources they used. He was throwing garbage in the water, the factory was producing pollution, and the land of trees were reducing. The great once-ler did not realize that all of that affected the animals and made them leave town. All the tree’s have finally been cut down, and there are none left. Human Ingenuity was a very big issue in this story. It tells us that as our technology grows, the environment is shrinking.


For the Man Made beach, Chief executive Leung is trying to build a man-made beach that will cover up 200 meters of land, however the environmentalist groups are afraid that it will wipe out more than 200 marine and bird species which inhabits the shore. “This project is on top-level support in the government.” says undersecretary for environment Christine Loh Kung-wai. Human Ingenuity is really pushing the environment and reducing the size of the environment. Man-made lands have been done before, however as we keep making land, some of our animal species will probably die soon.


Human Ingenuity really affects the environment. Both these issues have a similar theme that we could all point out. If I could make one, it would probably be “Human Ingenuity has been ‘pushing the limits’ of our environment.”

If you want to check the article for the man made beach, CLICK HERE!

The lorax is the original 20 minute version.


Southern China Earthquake:Approaches to Learning

by Rachel on September 18, 2012

Hey guys,
On September 7th 2012, There was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake along the borders of Yunnan. We used our Areas of Interaction skills to see how we could help them, but since we are still at a really young age, we can’t really do much, but we do have ideas on how to help. So approaches to learning, are the 5 steps. Each of them helps on how to organize ourselves and how we can help.

We thought of donating money to help rebuilding, or raise awareness and do different sales to do this, or we could just travel there and help them. We also thought of having sponsors o help with the money part.

If you want to read more about this, CLICK HERE!

Bye! Talk to you guys later!


Southern China Earthquake: Environments

by Rachel on September 18, 2012

Hey guys,
On September 7th 2012, There was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake along the borders of Yunnan. We used our Areas of Interaction skills to see how we could help them, but since we are still at a really young age, we can’t really do much, but we do have ideas on how to help. So Environments is about how we can help what has been destroyed or how can we help to make it more comfortable to live there.

We though of rebuilding houses and donating money to make things for durable and prettier and nicer and more modern maybe not just to make the place look better, but it might help sustain the buildings a little longer.

If you want to read more about this, CLICK HERE.

Talk to you guys later 😀


Southern China Earthquake: Health and Social

by Rachel on September 18, 2012

Hey guys,
On September 7th 2012, There was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake along the borders of Yunnan. We used our Areas of Interaction skills to see how we could help them, but since we are still at a really young age, we can’t really do much, but we do have ideas on how to help. Health And Social is about how we can help them with their health.

We thought of maybe giving medical care. We can send some doctors to china to help with the injuries without having to pay.

If you want to read more about it, CLICK HERE

Talk to you guys later 😀


Southern China Earthquake: Human Ingenuity

by Rachel on September 18, 2012

Hey guys,
On September 7th 2012, There was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake along the borders of Yunnan. We used our Areas of Interaction skills to see how we could help them, but since we are still at a really young age, we can’t really do much, but we do have ideas on how to help. Human Ingenuity. It is about the ability WE HAVE that can help us to help others.

We though of maybe we could build houses for them, or send food or books or anything that we can send down there that doesn’t involve any type of internet since is communication of telephone and internet is not working there.

If you want to read more about this, CLICK HERE.

Talk to you guys later, more to come. 😀


Southern China Earthquake: Community and Service

by Rachel on September 17, 2012

Hey guys,
On September 7th 2012, There was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake along the borders of Yunnan. We used our Areas of Interaction skills to see how we could help them, but since we are still at a really young age, we can’t really do much, but we do have ideas on how to help. We are talking about Community and Service, as in how we can help and serve their community.

We thought of helping them find homes, and fundraise to raise money and awareness for them so people will be more aware and they will try to help them as well.  We could just donate what WE don’t need because it might actually be very useful to them.

If you want to read more about this, CLICK HERE.

Talk to you guys later 😀


Student Led Learning Reviews

by Rachel on April 18, 2012

Hey guys,

Today we had the Student Led learning review, and basically this “SLLR” is when students lead their parents around the classroom showing their progress in their school learning.  Today was very successful, and this is what my parents have to say. Blue is going to be what my parents say.

Mom: I really enjoy this time with my kid in this SLLR .learnt that she can organize a conference well. I learnt that my kid can do self management in projects. My kids communication skills has improved, and her attitudes in the learner profile are positive, which can teach her how to be a good learner, and even better, a leader. I am also happy to know that Rachel’s awareness outside of school has improved through the learning in this school year. This teaches my daughter that even if something is not interesting, it can still teach her something important and meaningful.

My favorite part of the SLLR, is writing the blog post because my parents can see the process of making a blog post. I hope my parents enjoyed this learning session with me!

BYE GUYS! 🙂 talk to you guys soon! 🙂



Sports Day

by Rachel on April 15, 2012

Hey guys,

On Friday the 13th, we had the grade 5 and 6 sports day. It was really sunny and only a little bit windy. Sports day was great exercise for everyone, but it was also really tiring, but it was still fun to be with our friends and do some games.

Sports day is kinda like track and field. When we did Track, we had to do sprints and runs. we had the choice of 800 or 400 meter run, and then we had the choice of 100 or 200 meter sprint. I chose 400 and 100. it was the easiest. but even though they are the shortest ones, it was a really tiring day especially because of the weather. I few of us got sunburns, even I did.

At field, we had ball throw, tug of war, capture the flag, sack race and running long jump. They were all really hard to do. especially tug of war because it was really hard to pull, because both sides had the same strength. Some of us got rope burns.

Sports day was really fun. Even though it was so tiring and painful at some points, it was all worth it. 🙂

BYE GUYS!!! Talk to you guys later 🙂




Power masks-Power against racism

by Rachel on March 29, 2012

The special power behind this mask is the power against racism. When people put on this mask, they will have the power to the freedom of speech about racism and to show that racism is not good. The mask represents people against racism and their protest. Once u put this mask on, you will have total power to say that there should be no racism in this world, there should be peace.

The consequences that it might have on affecting relationships are the relationships in between the racist people and the non-racist people. The racist people might not know that they are racist, but they will be fighting against the person wearing this mask.





Alan Dick memorial walk reflection

by Rachel on March 21, 2012

On the 20th of March, We had CDNIS’s 3rd annual Alan Dick memorial walk. Alan Dick was our old lower school principle. in 2009, he passed away because he had heart problems. We will have this walk every year on his birthday. This walk to remember all the good things and fun times we had with him. In this walk, everyone had to wear something pink since it’s his favorite color.


I had a great time going on this walk. It was fun to be with my friends and be in the open for so long. For lunch we had hotdogs, cookies and a banana. It was really good. After lunch we got to run around on the field and have some fun or relax in the bleachers.


After everything, 4th graders and below got to take the bus back to school, but 5th graders and older had to walk up the mountain. Even though it might’ve been tiring, but I really did enjoy the walk!


Mr.Dick, Rest in Peace. We miss you lots!


Kony 2012

by Rachel on March 12, 2012

Hey guys,

So for the past week, I have heard a lot about the “Kony 2012 project”. No one really knows if this is a true fact or not. In our class, we have been doing some background research on this to be more sure about our opinions and also to and find out more about this “Invisible Children” group. If you want to find out more about Kony 2012, I will put down some links below




There they are. So if you want to check them out yourself, feel free to look at these links.

There were 3 words mentioned in the Kony video. Those 3 were action, technology and strength. Each of these 3 words represent something. Action represents the way you can take action and how to help with this cause. Technology is one of the many resources that the Ugandan Military needs in order to fulfill our dreams of having Kony captured for his crimes. Technology also represents us, sharing ideas and spreading ideas and things we see. Strength represents our strength in how we support our own opinions.

Everyone has their own perspective, so if anybody has a different opinion then you, don’t go and unlike it. We have to appreciate each others ideas even if it’s not what we have to say.

What are your opinions of Kony 2012? Comment below to share! 🙂

Bye guys! 🙂



by Rachel on February 9, 2012

Hey guys!

Now in music class we are starting to do harder pieces on our instrument. Now, we  are starting to also prepare for our mini performance in May. Me and some of my friends are doing this dance. Now we just got to rehearse. In music, we have also been doing tests and practicing a lot, and when I mean a lot, I do mean A LOT.We started to learn new scales, did duets, did some assignments, but music class isn’t bad. It actually has been awesome.

Well, that is basically what we are doing in music now, so I’ll be sure to update you guys soon!

Bye! 🙂



Math-Fractions and Percentages

by Rachel on February 9, 2012

Hey guys!

Now in school we are doing Fractions and percentages in math. We have actually split groups but we are basically doing the same thing. We are just learning differently to fit what kind of learner we are. There are three kind of learners. The first one is Visual Learner, the Second is Auditory learner, and the last one is Kinesthetic  Leaner. Visual learners are the people that learn best looking at it. Auditory learners are the people that learn best when they hear it. Kinesthetic learners are the people that learn best when they do it. I am actually in between 2, a visual leaner and a kinesthetic learner.

After we picked what learner we are, then we work on the tasks assigned for us. It’s pretty fun. You can learn a lot of math. If you would like to work on your Fractions and Percentages, comment below and I’ll send you a link! 🙂

Bye guys!


Physical Education: Handball

by Rachel on February 9, 2012

Hey guys,

These few weeks in Physical Education, we played Handball. IT WAS SO AWESOME!  For the people who don’t know what Handball is, Handball is a lot of soccer. I don’t play soccer, but it does seem alike. Handball is a game where you pass a ball, and try to shoot in the goal, but you are only allowed to walk 3 steps at a time, and there is a box which is called the crease, where you cant pass. If you do step in the crease, the ball goes to the goalie, or you will do a side throw thing. I’m not sure how you call it. If you shot the ball in the goal while you are in the crease, that point will not count. It’s pretty intense, but it’s a really fun game to play!

Now in P.E. we are starting to play badminton. It’s like tennis but you don’t throw it up to serve, and the ball looks different, it’s called a shuttle. We are going to practice for a while and then we are going to do some games. Our games are different. Our games have 6 people. 3 in from, 3 in the back.

P.E. has been a blast! Can’t wait for our next class! 🙂

Bye guys!



Where we are in Place and Time

by Rachel on January 12, 2012

Hey guys!

So this is my first time talking to you guys in 2012! HAPPY NEW YEAR! We came back to school on the 3rd of January, and we started out last unit of grade 6, which is also our exhibition unit. This unit is called “Where we are in Place and Time”.

Right now, we are just making a mini investigation into personal history. There are 5 aspects in this unit.

1: An inquiry into orientation of Place and Time.

2: An inquiry into homes and journeys.

3: An inquiry into personal history.

4: An inquiry into the relationship between locals and global perspectives.

5: An inquiry into discoveries, exploratories, and migrations of humankind.

In the beginning of this unit, we made a mind map showing what our prior knowledge on each aspect is. Then, we had to use our mind map, and make them into 5 paragraphs explaining your prior knowledge on each aspect.

Right now, we have just completed our plan for our investigation, and we are starting to collect some data.

That’s pretty much it. Bye! 🙂



Unit of Inquiry: How We Organize Ourselves

by Rachel on November 17, 2011


In school, we have just finished our “how we express ourselves” and now we are starting our 3rd unit, “how we organize ourselves“. We had a pre-assesment which was holding a fundraiser to our World Vision Child.

To the people who don’t know what is a World Vision Child, each class gets a kid that got affected by the 2006 tsunami. Our child Ronra, and she is from Ukrul, India.  I don’t know the exact date of the tsunami, but I guess Ronra was about 7 or 8years old when she went through that tsunami. She is one of the survivers and we were fundraising money for her to help her get a good education and to have good food and clothes. The money is not only donated to our kid, but it is also donated to her whole village.

In Total, our whole class has earned $4012.40. Which in rupees is 44,873.186 rupees.

What we are doing now in our unit is going on field trips to different places to interview and observe stores/marketplaces and see our they are organized and operated. We have already gone to Aberdeen and Graham Street. We are going to Pacific Place today.

Well I’ll tell you more after the investigation.BYE! 🙂



Guest speaker: Head designer of Reebok

by Rachel on October 27, 2011


Today in school we had a talk with the head designer of Reebok about designing things. It was really interesting. He told us how he started being a designer, and what he does in Reebok and the process of making the sportswear/clothing/shoe.

He told us that he went to the Carleton University in Ottawa, and then afterwards moved to boston to do some designing jobs since there were’t many designing jobs in Canada. Before he worked in Reebok, he worked in Vessel. He has created many things before. He made candles, lighting, home use, kitchen use, and stuff like that. Then someone wanted to buy it, so they sold it. They said that they can just find something else to create, and then come REEBOK.

He is a head designer for REEBOK in asia, his job is to travel around asia and go to reebok designing offices to see what they are doing and how they are doing and helping them with their creations.

The process is pretty complicated to me. First they have to look at inspirations, then they would sketch some of their creations out, and they would pick the design, then the fabric then the color. To you guys it might seem like it is so easy and it sounds like such a fast process, but actually it takes at least 7 months to do all the work, as in designing, editing, manufacturing and all those things.

It was really interesting listening to what Duane Smith ( the head designer of reebok) had to say. Now I wanna get a reebok shoe. It’s so tempting!

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In physical education class…

by Rachel on October 13, 2011


In physical education class(P.E.), we have just finished the basketball unit, and I am going to explain what I did in the basketball unit.

Basketball unit:

When we first started, we were practicing throwing the ball around to our team mates. After that we would have a 2 on 2 group games, to practice. The after that we would play 3 on 3 games to practice even more, and next is my favorite part! It’s the BIG game! This is when we get to show of our skills, and this is what we have been doing for the past month.

__  __  ___  __  __  ___  __  __  ___  __  __  ___  ___  __

Now it’s the soccer unit that we have just started:

We have just started soccer, and we are practicing our foot word, and playing some games. Soccer is not my favorite type of sport, but I still sort of like it.

____  _____  _____  _____  ____  ___  __


1: To get a better grade in P.E.

2: To be more athletic

3: To get a higher score in my beep test and sit up test.


That’s all I have to say so BYE!



Chinese reading comprehension. (每日一篇)

by Rachel on October 13, 2011


In chinese class, we have been told to go home and do a reading comprehension on a website. I don’t know what the title is in english, but the title in Chinese is in the title in brackets. Your pronounce it like this—> mei ri yi pian.

Everyone has a profile, and you would have to do it at least 4 times a week. If you want to, your parents can help you if you need extra help. The reading comprehension is in chinese, so if you are in United states, I don’t think you can do it.

My goals for chinese:

1:  To be more fluent at it.

2: and to rise to a higher level in Chinese.


I will do the website reading comprehension at least 3-4 times a week.

Well that’s all I have to say so bye!


Backing up macbooks

by Rachel on October 13, 2011


In school, we have been using Mac books from Apple, which was created by Steve Jobs (RIP steve jobs), and we have been using them for a year now, so now it’s time for….RE-IMAGING.

Re-imaging is something that is just like UPDATING all your softwares. Since we use this for school, we have to UPDATE our mac books so we would have a better version of a software to work on. So we would have to back-up our mac books, just in case if our data in our mac books, get lost. The re-imaging happens in the LTT department, with the professionals. I would like to tell you the steps for backing up.

1: You would have to connect your hard drive to your laptop.
2: When you see your hard drive on your desk top, click on it.
3: After you clicked on it, a window will appear, and go to file, new finder window, and there will be another finder window.
4: When you see that, go to the little house on the side with your name on it and drag everything into the hard drive window.
5: Wait for it to load on the hard drive.
6: When it is done, just take out the hard drive, keep it somewhere safe, and you can bring it to re-imaging now.

I would like to tell you what I think is the concepts of this topic.
1:  Function
2: Responsibility.

That’s all I have to say so bye!


In performing arts class…

by Rachel on October 13, 2011

Hello readers,

In performing arts class we have been learning a lot about our new instruments that we are playing! How exciting! 🙂

Our class, as well as the other 4 classes, have been playing instruments for the past month. I am experienced in my instrument for 2 years already(flute), which might make you ask me why am I still doing it for performing arts class. Well heres the explanation. My flute teacher has said that I should not play any brass, because it might change my lip shape for flute, and for the clarinet, i’m not sure why i did not choose it, but it was good that I chose flute again, because then I would not have to BUY  another EXPENSIVE instrument.

We had 2 weeks to prepare for a test about the B flat major scale. Everyone was very nervous. The first group of people who got to do the test first, were the ones who volunteer and the class number list from number 1. If you have volunteered, you don’t have to do it again. I volunteered.

After the tests, we are now learning songs from a book called Accent on Achievement, and we still are.

Now I will be setting some Goals.

1: I will be a caring and respectful person to others and teach them, if they need help.

2: I will be a confident person and a risk-taker and play well in class.

3: I will be a good student and do all the assignments well, and rehearse the songs properly.

Well thats all I have to say, so BYE! 🙂


My perfect Classroom activity

by Rachel on October 13, 2011

Hello world,

In the start of the school year, we did this assignment/activity about how we think a perfect classroom would be like. We would have a sheet, and we would write down things like: I think a perfect classroom would be when there is a more silent space to work and everyone is working hard. It would be like that. We would also have to write down how to achieve that “perfect classroom” of ours.

This activity was actually just to get more ideas so we would have better essential agreements. Our teacher, Dr. Mcleod said that our essential agreements are what you HAVE to follow, so you better think well, or not you might be creating a agreement that you will one day disagree on.

If you guys would like to see some ideas for YOUR essential agreement, click this—->my perfect classroom


Interviews about conflicts in Hong Kong

by Rachel on October 13, 2011

In our first unit(Who we are), we had to pair up,and do interviews about conflicts in Hong Kong. We first had to break down the BIG topic, and turn it into smaller topics. Me and my friend Keona, used the topic about waste management.

We first had to make a BIG question, and then make some supporting questions for our interviews. We would have to rehearse the whole introduction for out interviews before we could move on to interviewing. In our introduction, we would have to tell them that they are allowed to back out of the interview at any minute, and they are allowed to not answer the questions that are too personal.

After we finished rehearsing, we moved on to interviews. We decided to do the interviews separately, to get more information. When we pair up again, we would usually tell the information that we got as detailed as possible, so we would all understand the information that we have collected.

After all the interviews, We started sorting and analyzing our data. We had to see if the information we got were going to help us, or will it not. We had to write all the information on a chart then we started splitting the data that we got into different data groups. That way it was easier to explain the interviewee paragraphs that we did next.

After the sorting and the paragraphs, we started laying out our final copy. Before we finished, we finished the conclusion and writing the answer to our BIG question, and we were D.O.N.E. DONE!

After that, we just needed to do the self and peer assessment and we were done for sure.



Getting to know you Bingo survey

by Rachel on October 11, 2011

Hello world,

In the beginning of grade 6 (Aug 22, 2011), we did this survey with questions like “who has more brothers then sisters?”and ” Who has more then 1 pet?“. We would have to go around the class to ask each classmate of who has more brothers then sisters/ who has more that 1 pet…etc…

If they say yes, you would have to ask them to sign their name in the section of the sheet that we were suppose to use. If they said no, you would have to ask them a different. One person can only sign one section ONLY.

This assignment was not very hard. This is also an activity to improve our communication skills, and it just also lets us get to know each other better .

I did not do very well because I was very shy, and I was also a very bad communicator, but the good side is that I got at least more than five sections filled.

This game was very memorable, because this was a very fun and interesting activity to do. I found out a lot of information through this activity. I found out that my teachers birthday is in the same month as me, and I also found out that my classmate rode on a camel before! How interesting! 🙂

My goals for the next time I do something like this, is to be less shy, and be more open and not just stick to most of the girls, and to improve on my communicating skills before the next survey. Click here to see it ——>getting to noe you bingo




Schools out!

by Rachel on July 2, 2011

Hey guys,

Summer is here, and I might be posting more since I am going to Canada in July, so I will tell you all about it. The last day of school was awesome, but at the end of the day, everyone got sad, because some of our friends are going away forever. It was really hard for us to say goodbye. Well summer is here, so when I get back to school, I will have a new blog, or maybe I will update this cone since I am moving up. If Im having a new blog, I will post about it here as soon as I get it. Talk to you all later!



How will I Study For Tomorrows EXAM

by Rachel on June 7, 2011

Hi guys,

Tomorrow the whole Grade 5 will have a human body writing EXAM and these are the ways that I am going to study for it.

I am going to use my Human body booklet and review it. I will keep researching. I will bring my research into the forum with my friends to study together. There are many ways. My parents can test me by asking questions.


Macbook Talk

by Rachel on June 1, 2011


Today in school we had a Macbook talk, and to define that, its all about how we use our MacBooks during the summer. We went to our school Theater and we talk about how we treat our computer. We learned some rules. Here are 3 of them:

1. Do not have food around your computer.

2. When you do social networking, be safe and do not talk to strangers.

3. Do not use inappropriate languages or pictures..etc…

Theres all! So you can just go online and find more yourself! Bye!



by Rachel on May 26, 2011


Yesterday and today we had 45 minutes to be with the grade  9’s in our school. We were helping them do their Civics Subject. They led us to parts of the school, they set up a place for us to do some acting. Simulations are just acting things that happened and things that still are going on right now. Civics means how humans act on earth. We were acting that we were in a poor country. Here is 1 activity we did.


Place: Kenya

Situation: Storms

In Kenya, when it rains there, poor peoples slums have metal roofs. When the rain hits on the roof, there are loud noises. So the Grade 9’s turned off the light to make it more alike, (There were no windows.)They put us into groups and we had to name ourselves a child, or the mother. The people there would pretend to kidnap us. They gave us an advantage. In Kenya, their slums are much smaller, so they can’t run. In the slums they had 2 families, and each family has 8 people. They cant run like we did. They would have to stay in their slums and wait for the people to kidnap them. They were hopeless. So they just stayed and waited.

So that is one that we did. All the other activities were also about other poor countries, and one thing, when you see some poor people fat on their belly, It doesn’t mean they are full. It means that they drink to much water, and not enough food, and the water is not clean. All those water was from the river. That is also where they take a shower, and clean clothes.

Do you wanna help these people? Comment on this post, and tell me how you feel.


credit for


Credit for the information: Grade 9’s of Canadian International school



Student Led Learning Review #2

by Rachel on May 3, 2011

Hey Readers,

Remember when I did the blog post with my parents and my brother? Well, today I am going to define what a student led learning review is. First thing you should know is that a student led learning review can also be called a S.L.L.R. for short form. Next, This family conference will not only be you are the teacher of the whole thing, but the teacher will not be involved. They might be listening to it, but they are not gonna talk.

We, students, will have the opportunity to show your parents about your learning. It doesn’t only include your work. It also includes your social life too. As students, we must still respect your parents as your parents and not as your pets. You must be detailed in a short way so they would understand. Your family will ask you a few questions during the SLLR. Hope you get what I am trying to say. 🙂

If you have any question, please write a comment down on thins blog post! 🙂

( For more inquiry, please watch this video. Click HERE!)


Student Led Learning Review

by Rachel on April 29, 2011

My brother came back today, and he was here just in time for my SLLR, and when I woke up, he was beside my bed, and then I fell asleep again. When I woke up, I asked my auntie if he was really home in Hong Kong. Right now in the SLLR, we are doing the review, and we are writing a blog post for you! 😀  My family think that the math part is the most interesting, because my mom and my brother was struggling during fractions! My brother was asking  me a lot of complicated questions, that was hard for me to answer. Ok! Bye! :DDD


My Artifact

by Rachel on April 28, 2011

Hello Readers,

Today I am going to talk about my buried artifact. When we started this unit, “Where we are in place and time”, we were taken to many field trips. Our last field trip was a trip to the Sandy Bay beach. That trip was for our summative assessment. We had to go make a model out of clay, and then we paint it, and then we break it, and then we burry it. Afterwards, when we were in the beach, we had to dig up the artifacts, like we were historians. We put them in small plastic bags, and when we get back to school, we had to use glue and glue all the pieces we found back together. After we put them back together, the whole grade had to go to each others classroom and find their own artifact. Some of the student’s didn’t find theirs, and their artifacts, would still be somewhere in the beach. The artifact I made was a Ancient Chinese Coin.


First 1/2 of National Treasure

by Rachel on March 31, 2011

As you know that my class is learning history, and we are now watching a movie called,’ National Treasure I was so cool! It made us so excited and when ever we pause the movie we start saying NO! It’s just so addicting! I will tell you about the story below!

There was a child that went to the attic and sneaked a book and his grandfather caught him, so grandfather told him the story. There was a treasure, and now when the child grows up he tries to find the treasure. I don’t want to ruin the suprise for you guys, so watch it! It’s really good!


All Different Ways To Learn About The Past

by Rachel on March 22, 2011

As you know that our unit is all about learning Hong Kong’s past, and now our class has been discussing ways to learn about any countries past. Down below is a small list of some of the ways!

Ways to learn about the past:

1. Telivision


3. Radio

4. Going to a field trip to a cemetery ( you can read what happened in the past that made people die on the tomb stone.)

5.Researching online.

There are actually a lot more ways, but it would take too long for you to read. So hope you enjoy this post, and you can also comment other ways to find out about Hong Kong’s past. Click HERE to see a website where you might be able to find about any countries past.


Artifact Game

by Rachel on March 15, 2011

In my class, we have been studying about history. Every morning we are playing artifact game. It is also like a perspective game.Our teacher is going to show is a photo of something and then we have to interpret what it is. We write the Five W’s on a sticky and explain what we think and then we stick it on a door and our teacher will read it.

There is a picture below that I would like YOU to interpret. Write a comment below answering the questions.  Here are some simple questions for you to answer.

What is it?

Who made it?

Who used it?

When was it made?

Where is it made?



Hong Kong’s Past

by Rachel on March 10, 2011

We just started a unit about Where we are in place and time”, and in this unit, we are going to find the history of Hong Kong. WE are going to take some feild trip to find out more about Hong Kong’s past. Below is a video of Hong Kong’s past. We watched this video because of our unit, and here is our central idea. People and places have histories that can be uncovered and interpreted through a variety of sources. The video is called Gateway to China. Please enjoy!



My P.S.A.

by Rachel on March 9, 2011

This is my P.S.A. I hope you enjoy it!


If you wanna help to


Happy Valley Cemetery Visit

by Rachel on March 2, 2011

This afternoon, me and the whole Grade 5 went on a field trip to the Hong Kong Happy Valley Cemetery. That cemetery is FULL, so no one can ever be buried there again.We got into groups of five and then we got our camera and off we went. We were in the cemetery because we are studying about “Where we are in Place and Time

We all brought a clipboard with paper on it, so we can write what we find interesting or draw what we find. Sometimes, you feel creeped out because there is strong wind, and you think it is the spirit of the dead. I was scared because, it’s a grave yard, and some places might have something sticking out and you think it is a human part, so you start getting the shakes.

For the camera, Our group took some photo’s and video’s of the cemetery(of course we had permission.), and it turned out ok, but then the battery was empty half way through our exploring. We found many many different things, and we actually found a baby that died on the same day it was born and one that was only 1 day old. I was really sad. Our group found it also very t1.1273681847.5.jpgouching since at the edge of the grave it said “night night my son.

We found lots of information, and by the end, we were all happy that we learned, but we were also happy that we weren’t captured by the dead. Just kidding, but the learning part was true.

Talk to you next time! Don’t forget to read my older post too, if you didn’t yet read it.


Today, in school, The whole grade 5 went to a author visit in the library early in the morning. The Authors are actually Poets. Their names are Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger. There are very nice people. We talked about poems all the time. It was really fun. Sometimes it got funny. We also read poems. We read definition poems, back to school poems, and just some fun poems. They taught us a lot about poems. All of us, of course had a awesome time with them.

I would like to thank our library for letting us have such nice Author Visits. I would also like to thank Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger for giving us so much education, and letting us have fun while we learn. Thank you all.


Me And My Buddy Patrina

by Rachel on January 18, 2011

Today me and my buddy Patrina are going to write a blog post.

Patrina goes to Prep E. She is 5 years old. Patrina likes rainbow colors. She likes to eat pasta. She likes to wear dresses. She is really nice too! She has a cat. She has 3 sisters. She likes to read princess books. She likes to go to school because there are many toys, piglets, and she can learn.   She always likes to play with her friends. She likes to draw and color. She also likes music. She wants a teddy bear. She also like nature. She wants to be a princess when she grows up.

That is all about my buddy.

She would like to say bye!

Patrina: Goodbye 😉

DJ16 :Bye! 🙂

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The winter concert is over, and we enjoyed doing the concert. The Concert would not be successful without some certain people. So, I would like to Mr. Shaw for giving us nice songs to sing and always giving us chances. I would also like to thank Mr.Dave for giving so much enthusiasm in our rehearsals. I would also like to thank all the grade 5 teachers for supporting us through out the show.

Thank you.


Winter Concert (part 1)

by Rachel on January 14, 2011

Hi readers,

Tonight is the  winter concert for Grade 5. We, Grade 5 have been practicing for a long time, and we have been working really hard on our parts. Each class has at least 5 groups of different acts. Our group, which involves dj10, dj16(me),dj17, dj20, and dj25 is a dance group. We used the song Toxic. It is a very nice song. Click HERE to listen to the song. We have been practicing so HARD! I can’t wait for the concert!


My Christmas And New Years Holiday

by Rachel on January 4, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday! My holiday was great, and that is what I am going to tell you about today. Here it goes!

On the starting of the Christmas holiday, I had the funeral for my Grandma. She died on November. We had a funeral around a month later. The funeral was for 2 days. Those were the saddest days of my life. I can’t believe my grandma is being buried. It is really hard for me to accept why she left. She left because of Cancer. There is one lady that kept reminding me about my grandma and making me more upset. When I was starting to feel better, she started saying, “you are brave all because your grandma died and you accepted it.” She doesn’t know that deep down, I can’t really accept it.

On Christmas Eve, I got half of my presents, then on Christmas day, I got even more presents. This is why Christmas is kind of my favorite celebration. You don’t only get to receive, you also get to give. Giving is even better then receiving. Christmas is a day to give care and respect to one another. This is the true meaning of Christmas.

I got a lot of presents by Boxing day. I unwrapped them, and found a lot of stuff that I really liked. My parents gave me the new version of Ipod nano. The one that is touch screen. I am guessing they bought it in the apple store.(Click HERE to see apples website) It was really exciting when I received my parent’s gift for me. I also made them something. I made them a music video. The song was about a girl and her experience with her parents. The song is really sweet. So gentle. My parents said that I can burn the video into a CD.

On the 31st of December 2010, I did the countdown with my dog! he was acting all funny when we did the countdown. He was also really excited! He was running all over the place.

I also made a video while i was count downing. The video was really weird, my dog was in it, biting my clothes all the time. Funny little dog! 🙂

When it became 2011, my dad told me to write 10 new year resolutions, and I was able to finish making my resolutions before school started. My dad was impressed. I also started to be more responsible and more organized since i got my organizer. The organizer is actually really useful. It helps me keep track of what I need to do.

Well, that was basically what I did on my holiday. Check out my classmates blog post! All of my classmates blog links are in my class blog. Just Click HERE! Bye! Talk to you later

P.S: I hope you all the best in 2011


5D Book Challenge

by Rachel on December 16, 2010

In our class, our teacher gave us a challenge to read a book in just 10 days. Now we have at least read 100 pages of the book, we need to summarize what we read into a blog post. Here it goes!

There is this girl called melanie, and she did not like her mom. She even wrote a list of why she doesn’t like her mom. One day she went to a school that she never went to and went in the principals office. When the principle came in, he told Melanie to write a form for school and then he sent her to her classroom and then the teacher told a girl called Rachel to accompany Melanie and shoe her around the school. That was basic information. Rachel and Melanie somehow ended up looking like best friends.

That was basically what I read.


Today in Photos-Polar Bear Art

by Rachel on December 9, 2010

polar bear art

The picture shows… a polar bear art in “RED, to tell others that polar bears are endangered.

I think that those people who did the art is actually really creative and they are people who love the earth, and they don’t want anything to get to the point of instinction. So they used a powerful color “RED“, to show how important they actually are to us.

The picture makes me feel very sad, and it makes me want to help the cause. It makes me feel about how we need this animal in our world . They might be able to eat our heads off, but everything is connected, so somehow something bad might happen if we don’t stop killing the polar bears.

Hunters, Please don’t kill these cute Polar Bears.

Click HERE to look at other photos.


My Wordle

by Rachel on November 30, 2010

The picture below is my Wordle I made. CLick HERE to make your own wordle.

Screen shot 2010-11-29 at 10.05.56 AM



by Rachel on November 25, 2010

Hi readers,

Today I am going to tell you what the word perspective means.

What does it mean?

Perspective means that different people have a different point of view. Example if you are in the museum. Some people will think that the piece of art is interesting and some will think it is just not that good.

What is it?

Perspective is that everyone has a different thought about anything. Example if you are stretching in class, and then the teacher has a perspective that you are raising your hand.

How do you use it?

You use Perspective all of the time. Sometimes you use it even if you don’t know that you are using it.  Like you are on the street , and you think that the painter that is painting on the wall is a bad guy, but when the police comes, you report, and then they say he was hired to paint on that wall.

How is yours different from someone else’s?                                                 452-adult-perspective-cartoon.gif

Your perspective is different from the others because that you all have different brains, and we all think differently. What you see is what you think. No ones perspective can be the same.

How can you tell what someone else’s perspective is?

You can’t actually tell what others perspective. You might be able to tell by their feeling and how they act. You can also just ask the person. When you see how they act, you might have a different perspective of their feelings.

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Wa$ted (Farmers)

by Rachel on November 17, 2010

Hi Readers,

Today, me and all my classmates watched a DVD called Wa$ted, and the topic was Farmers. There was a a group of people(the eco-friendly group) that were teaching a family of farmers(Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister) to be more eco-friendly, because they family of farmers are burning plastic, paper and etc… The eco-friendly group used this special equipment to see how much they spend on that household item that needs electricity per year.

I found out that DIOXIN is the most dangerous chemical to end up with cancer. It is caused when you are burning plastic. The eco-friendly group estimated that there are 50 deaths per year because of cancer.

The eco-friendly group said that the farmers are suppose to be guardians of the land. They weren’t suppose to burn anything. The eco -friendly group told the family of farmers some ways to be more eco-friendly . The eco-friendly group gave them 15,000 in New Zealand money. That was really interesting. The movie was awesome, Everyone in the movie was cooperating.


What I already know about this unit:

I know that we are making a lot of bad decisions about our garbage. We are putting wrong things into the wrong place. The world is in danger because of our garbage. We throw out stuff that can be still reused, we are making a lot of pollution. This is what is causing our earth to change. The climate, the animals, and most of all, us are changing.

What I am excited to learn about:

I am excited to learn about how the world is figuring out how we can save the earth before it is too late. I am also excited to learn about how many different kinds of recycling bins are there in the world. I am excited about how little kids can make a difference.

How I feel about this unit

I feel happy because I am going to learn new things. I feel Proud of myself also because i am going to learn new things and I am happy about doing it. I feel excited because I get to learn with all my classmates and teachers.

What I think will happen in the unit:

I think that we are going to do a lot of research. I think we are going to watch some videos, and DVD’s about what we are learning. I think we are going to have a great time learning in this unit.


Cyber Safety

by Rachel on November 10, 2010

Hi Readers,

Today I am going to talk about What I learned in a workshop in school with the topic of Cyber Safety.

What did you…

I thought about how bullying can’t just happen in the physical world, it can also happen in the digital world.. I thought about how much it can hurt someone in the inside.

I feel scared and worried that it will happen to me and my friends might get cyber bullied.

We talked about how to be safe online, not  to bully others online, how  it feels to be bullied, how to be a good citizen(digital citizen) ,thinkB4uclick, and to not say, upload, download, share, or post anything inappropriate.

I wondered about why people be so mean online, I also wondered about why people can hack into your phone by bluetooth.

I decided to share everything with my parents, just to make sure that i have extra safety and support. I decided to make sure that my computer is off with bluetooth.