My Trip To Tokyo

by Connor on April 22, 2012

In Hong Kong:

I was so exited to come to Japan. I couldn’t wait. Before coming here my expectations were for a cool city with lots of shops. But when I got here it was way cooler than that, it had everything. My first experience in Tokyo did not let me down because I loved everything here, the buildings, shops, food, etc

Day 1: (April 20)

Today we arrived at 11:30pm at the Peninsula Hotel, that over looks the Imperial palace. We arrived to find my dad sitting in the living room with Japanese fish and salad, the second I tasted the food I knew that I would love Tokyo. We then brushed our teeth and went to bed because it was so late.

Day 2: (AKA SHOPPING SPREE) (April 21)

Today I learned what a shopping spree is; now I officially agree with people who say shopping is a workout. This morning we went to the Imperial Palace and took photos of us in front of cherry blossom trees.  The Imperial Palace is the place, where the Emperor of Japan lives. I think the cherry blossom trees were stunning.


After that we went to Ginza. Ginza is a kind of shopping area. We spent 7 hours shopping and exploring Ginza. In the middle of shopping we ate lunch at a sushi restaurant and I loved the sushi, it was the best sushi I had ever tasted. At Ginza I got some cool treats and stuff. Ginza is a really cool place, there are a lot of weird buildings and signs. Tokyo is different from other cities because the people in Tokyo pick a style and they go for the style which is why everyone dresses differently. Tokyo’s pets are mostly dogs, I saw no cats the whole trip, except on a sign .


When we finished shopping and exploring in Ginza we went back to the hotel.  At the hotel we went swimming in the pool.

Later that night we went to a place called Yakitori-Tei. At Yakitori-Tei they cook grilled Japanese food on sticks. You could watch the person who was cooking your food. The people at Yakitori-Tei were very nice.

After dinner my sister wanted to do karaoke so the waiter took us out the back and across the street to a karaoke place. We spent 30 minutes in the karaoke place then left to go back to the hotel. When we got back it was 11:00 pm so we went to sleep.

Day 3: (April 22)

Today we got up at 8:30 am. At 9:00 am we went out for breakfast at a restaurant called Ivy’s place. At Ivy’s place I had eggs, with mascarpone cheese and toast. Ivy’s place was on the grounds of a famous bookstore called tsuyaya. It had lots of cool books `and was very big. After breakfast we went shopping at a farmers market. At the farmers market my dad bought jams and jellies for my grandpa who lives in Canada.

At the stationary store in the bookstore I bought a bullet pencil, which is a pencil inside a bullet.


Later on after 4 hours of wandering and shopping I spotted a ramen place (noodle place) in Shibuya (An area in Tokyo). there was a long line but it was well worth it because when I sat down and started eating my Ramen I loved it, it was the best ramen I had ever had no joke best ever.

Before lunch we went to the Meiji Shrine. The Meiji shrine was an old temple. At the temple there were people having a wedding. the Japanese priest was wearing a traditional white robe with black wood shoes. After going to the shrine and washing our hands with special water we all made a prayer. The shrine reminded me of an old temple I visited in Beijing last year. Afterwards we left and went shopping for another 2 hours before jumping in a taxi going back to the hotel. When we got back we watched a movie and went to sleep.

Day 4: (April 23)

This morning my mom woke me up at 7:00 am. After an hour of packing and getting ready to go back to Hong Kong, we went to the fish market. The first thing we did at the fish market was go into a knife shop. At the knife shop my mom bought a food knife. After that we went to the wholesale fish market, the biggest fish market in the world. At the wholesale market if you buy anything you must buy a lot of it like buying fish for a restaurant. At the fish market there were tons of fish heads and guts. Today was the day I saw the biggest fish head in my life it was bigger than my upper body. After the fish market we went and had lunch at a sushi place. It was very good. We were meant to go to the Tuna auction but could not because it was at 4:00 am. The Tuna auction is an auction place for where you buy the big Tuna that just came from the ocean. When we were done at the fish market we went back to the hotel and got our luggage and went to get on a train to go to the airport.

I would highly recommend for people who love shopping eating or just cool stuff to go to Tokyo. If I were to come back to Tokyo I would go to the ramen place.





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