Ribbon Day

Yesterday, we had a tuning in activity for our new unit of inquiry. We were organized into groups and wore different types of ribbons. The different groups have different powers. The yellows were the weakest, they were treated like servants. The reds and blues get to give orders to the yellows I was one of the yellows, we had to do the most work, clean the the classroom and obey orders from the other groups. the reds had all the power, they had a option on doing work or just playing. I thought the choosing of groups was SUPER UNFAIR because it affects your feeling to the group in a bad or good way. I was angry and a bit sad because the reds were abusing their power by asking for things that they really didn’t need. ¬†When we are doing all the work, they are just playing board games and having fun. In the last 20 minutes, we got to switch groups. I was more relieved as a red because no one teased me and I could order people around.