Macau Trip Reflection

Day 1 Reflection:

Cool Guy Bowling, By J. Fenton on Piccasa

I am super tired because we completed a lot of things. The thing I thought was most tired was skating, because I didn’t really know how to skate. The thing I was most proud of was scoring strikes & spares in bowling. I also learned a lot of facts I didn’t know before. For example: St. Dominic’s Chuch was established in 1587. We went to the Crypt, which was quite scary because they displayed bones in cabinets. The really hard thing to do today was wearing the skating shoes, it took 20 minutes. I hope tomorrow is a much more relaxing day.
Day 2 Reflection:

Statue of Ah-Ma, by J. Fenton on Piccasa

I was not feeling that well for part of today. First off in the morning, we went on a 1 and a half hour hike which was quite tired. The fun part of the hike was that people could slide down the statue of Ah-Ma. The most worrying thing to worry about today was swimming in an outdoor pool. Somehow, the teachers let us choose between the thermal and hot indoor swimming pool and the much anticipated sub-zero outdoor pool. Most people went to the outdoor pool, and then came splashing in telling us it was too cold. The most interesting thing I learnt today was from the House Museum. It housed lots of rooms that housed antiques and other things Macanese people put into their homes. At night, we had Portuguese BBQ for dinner and some Karaoke. The last thing we did was watch a book-based film called “Animal Farm”. The film relates to the unit we are tuning in, “Where we are in Place in Time”. It talked about equal opportunities of animals and humans and how power is passed on! I look forward to going back home tomorrow.

Maritime Museum, By Dennis

3rd day:

We didn’t do a lot today but we did something. We went to a few attractions like the Maritime Museum and Ah-Ma Temple. The best thing about today was eating Pizza Hut! I thought today was good today because we also got to go home!

Overall Macau Reflection:

I thought this trip was ok. The thing I thought was the funnest was bowling because I could play with my friends. I thought the last day was both happy & sad. Happy, because I get to see my family members and go home. Sad, because the trip ended so fast. The thing I hated most was getting a sore throat which bothered me a lot. The I thing I thought was the yummiest was eating pizza on the 3rd day. I wish we could have time to take pictures of other attractions like the Macau Tower or the extremely big Venetian. I would also want to change a few things in this trip like giving us more time to look at the exhibits and more activities that were relaxing. I would rate this trip a average 6 star because there were some goods and bads.

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