The Greatest Invention of All

I think the greatest invention is the Internet. I think it is the greatest invention because it helps us surf the web. We can learn, play, and socialize on the Internet. It is also a better choice than reading a book because you just have to search what your looking while books you have to go to the table of contents and find the right page. The web is also a great place to play games. It is a place where everyone can submit their own games and play other people’s games. The good things about playing games on the Internet are because a lot of them are free. The socializing networks are a great breakthrough in Internet browsers; you can talk to friends immediately, play games with friends and express your feelings. It is better than e-mail because e-mail doesn’t have specific posts for you to express your feeling or any functions to play games.  It is also better than mail because it doesn’t waste money on post, faster and more fun. All of these are the advantages of having the Internet. If the internet doesn’t exists, there wouldn’t be piracy in products and games.

The Internet is the best way for pirates to share information since they can pass on files through unusual files. I don’t know why people share infringed products, don’t they get arrested?

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