AOI:Science Project: Environmentally Sustainable Island

In my science project, We designed a environmentally sustainable island. The island will harness it’s own energy, plant it’s own crops, and manage it’s own trash. We were split into groups to discuss and implant a design for the island. We were in charge of one section for our group. I was in charge on the “farm” on the island. I have a compost area for composting, a crop field and a animal barn. We are responsible for our environment in some way, because we harm the environment everyday because of our actions. We are responsible to reverse these actions, and change our bad habits. Our fuel, coal is running out drastically, so we have to find new ways to harness energy. We created a model of the island on Google Sketchup. Creating this island is good for the environment becuase it is environmentally friendly and has minimal impact on the environment. There is really no consequences to this except of the cost and the pollution the construction will do to the island. ┬áThis is my contribution to the society, a model that will inspire “real” designers to rethink their designs and think “green”. I think “thinking” green is important because if we don’t change now, the earth will be polluted and also we affect our health.