External C&S: Kids4Kids Reading

Through this experience, I think I learned quite a lot about myself and what I should do for the community. Throughout this school year, I hadn’t really done a lot of service and I thought this opportunity was a perfect way to kickstart the service I will definitely be doing frequently next year.

I went on a service trip with the Engage Myanmar Club to read storybooks to underprivileged children in a housing estate. I was surprised that the children were extremely excited to learn English and let us read English books to them. This mentality is really different from what I have experienced at school as everyone complains that they don’t have time to read novels and books.  I did not really learn a new skill throughout this experience but this experience made me reflect upon my life. I think I had an impact on the kids as I made them more interested in learning English which will help them in their future studies as these kids go to locals schools and interact less with the English language.

Us CDNIS students are lucky to have the opportunity to learn English in such a excellent environment,  but frequently we don’t appreciate our education.  I think it is our duty to pass on the this knowledge to less privileged, more willing students.  This experience was surprisingly tiring as the child I read to kept running around the room  and did not focus on the book the whole time.

Not only was this activity a reading experience but it was also a games and activities day for the children. Although the activities were extremely childish, it felt fun! I know this Reading Activity is a frequent weekly event, and if I had the time I would definitely return to read to the kids since it’s really fun to interact with the younger kids.


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