Scope and Definition of Religion

Religion is one of the ways of knowledge, and I believe that religion is a faith in a the teachings of a higher spiritual being.

There are certain assumptions that are made with the definition that I created. An assumption made is that I am acknowledging the existence of a higher spiritual being, even though a lot of people disagree to the existence of such being. Certain philosophers like Harris share the view that religion was “probably created by a sand strewn men and women who thought the earth was flat.” Moreover, it is difficult to trust people who make false assumptions such as the earth being flat and trusting that there actually is a spiritual being at large. However, it is hard to say that a spiritual being definitely does not exist, because the human race hasn’t been able to prove otherwise through scientific methods.

One of the other assumptions and generalisations I made on about religion is that it is purely about the teachings of a higher spiritual being such as God. The same view is reiterated by Armstrong who describes religion as “summons to action” where you “begin to understand the truths of religion”. However, this view is refuted by some religious philosophers such as Prothero who believes that different religions have different goals, he compares this to the analogy of different sports having different objectives, and goals in mind. However, my definition also fails to consider the general religious notion of salvation, which is the moving away of the soul from the consequences of the sins we commit as humans.
One of the other assumptions I made is that one has to have a strong faith to be considered religion. I think this assumption is valid as a system does not work if no one believes in it, so it is a critical element for people to believe, and be loyal to the views of the religion and the teachings. However, our belief in the religion could affect the production of knowledge, as we have to accommodate and consider religion in the past when conducting research and gathering of information in scientific fields.

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