Day of Design: Feedback

Header Image

Above is the final version of my header image created on Design Day.


1. Have a modern clean look as I am interested in Technology and have the typography as clean and minimalistic as possible.

2. Some how have law as some sort of representation in my artwork as I really want it as part of my header as it represents myself.

3. Include colours like blue and green and sliver for the clean and sleek look effect.

4. Represent camera or the love of photography



To what extent did my design meet my specifications?

Do you think this image expresses a sleek,  modern and simple look?


One thought on “Day of Design: Feedback

  1. 1. It looks modern but not really clean. I think it is because of the choice of colors that make the technology not look that “advanced”/sophisticated. The law part was conveyed really effectively. There wasn’t any blue or green. There was no hint of a camera or photography. I don’t really think that this image expresses a sleek modern design look. This is mostly because of the way it is drawn as the colors look childish. The simple look was conveyed well though.

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