MYP Design Day

Today for the whole day we focused on designing. It was the Grade 9’s Design Day. In our school, we don’t have a allocated time for MYP Design as it is integrated with our normal subjects.  We were introduced to the new rubrics we were going to use, using gantt charts/graphs in our projects, and inking in Adobe Illustrator. I personally thought that the rubrics and gantt charts were boring, and the inking really interesting. 

During the inking, everyone in the room was concentrated and focused and into their work, well that is what I think. Some people thought it was fun, some people thought it was boring 🙁 I think that most of us were interested because we could “create” something using our computers. Inking with Adobe Illustrator is painfully hard, as Illustrator is meant for professionals and all the controls are hard to master. I had fun “creating” and tracing the scanned drawings our teacher had found on Devian Art. I had trouble adding the color to my photo, but after a lot of trying, and testing, I finally got it. I found it quite hard to use Illustrator at times, even with a mouse! I think using it with a drawing tablet would be best, but it’s not completely necessary.

I think this exercise is quite useful in helping us prepare for our Language A design project. If we didn’t have this exercise on Illustrator, then we would not be able to complete the graphic novel project, as we would constantly have problems, and we would not know how to fix it. 

I would probably want to do this again, since it was such a fun thing to do. We got to explore new tools, like Adobe Illustrator, and Gantt graphs. I felt tired because we sat on our chairs for most of the time, looking at our computer screens, moving our mouse inch by inch trying to get the perfect line. I think it was worth it, as my final product looked great!I think our next design project is a great idea, the idea of making our own graphic novels is fun and exciting.After reading the graphic novel “American Born Chinese”, it is exciting to know I can re-create something like that in my own graphic novel. I think though it is difficult, it pays off as a great, finished product. 

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