Grade 6 Macau Trip

Mount Fortress - Macau,澳门
Mount Fortress – Macau,澳门 , By linkway88 on Flickr
The whole grade 6 will be going to Macau for a field trip for 2 nights! We will be going on the 14th of March and coming back on the 16th! I am very excited because it is my first time out of Hong Kong without my parents, and all the fun I will be experiencing! The only thing I will be worrying about is being sad because I forgot to bring something for the trip! We will be visiting lots of tourist attractions like Leal Senado and Mount Fortress. I hope it will be a fun experience for both me and my classmates.

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  1. I hope your worries are gone now since we have had a wonderful time in Macau. What did you find out? What have your learned? Look forward to reading your next blog about your trip!

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