The Cove & Sharkwater Similarities and Diffrences

On Friday, All of the grade 6 classes went to the Leo Lee Arts Center to watch a documentary called Sharkwater. It was a documentary that was similar to The Cove. The two films talked about extinction of sea mammals and how people are taking actions. But, Sharkwater talked about shark fining while The Cove talked about dolphin slaughtering. Rob Stewart was the main character in Sharkwater; He had a passion about sharks since he was small. When he grew up, he went with the Sea Shepherd crew to stop shark fining. They went to Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands to stop the fining. They choose that area because it is where the last shark sanctuaries are based. A few people were arrested after all the action. The Cove only had one major action while Sharkwater had different actions. The Cove was different in another way because it didn’t provoke a lot of people in the Taji to take action while Sharkwater provoked Costa Ricans to take action on the illegal fining. They were very similar because they educated a lot of people while taking action.

Post your opinion on the similarities and differences of the two movies.

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