This is the 2nd DEAD (Drop Everything And Design) day of the school year, which signals the start of the second Design Cycle unit. This term, our design project will revolve around the subject of mathematics.

We started off the day by being introduced to the project, which was basically this:

Identify a problem/situation which allows for the collection of data from a target population. Using statistical sampling techniques, analyze the data, and using your knowledge and skills with the Adobe Creative Suite, develop a creative professional electronic report in PDF format that contains your research findings, proposed changes and a visualization of the solution.

Basically, we are going to create a PDF report, much like those Annual Reports you see real, professional companies release each year to disclose the way they received and used funds, their mission, and other aspects of the company along those lines. The reports we make will be complete with actual data based on research collected from people around the school and around the city, as well an actual proposal to be passed onto the administration of the school.