Evidence #1: ‘Principled’ IB Learner Profile Award


Evidence #2: Executive member and participant in the Horticulture Club

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I am a person who highly values honesty and integrity. In May 2013, I was awarded the Learner Profile certificate for the Principled attribute. Around three months later, I was elected as an executive member in our school’s Horticulture Club as manager of public relations. I believe that the award shows that I am; and as the nominees are awarded by vote or ballot, it shows that other people see me as someone who is; principled. I have been a member of the gardening club since 2012, though I only became an executive member around 2014 after the members of the previous executive committee graduated. I believe this shows that I am principled as it shows that I am capable of taking on a leadership role and doing my for a long period of time, and shows that I am willing to include and teach others the skills necessary for this activity.

Evidence #1: Screenshot from Personal Project video

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Evidence #2: Photo of informative plaque at the Prime Meridian, Greenwich


I believe that I am an inquirer because I have a firm belief that learning does not only occur inside a classroom. I will thoroughly research any topic that I find an interest in so that I can learn more about it, regardless of whether or not it is aligned with what I am currently studying at school.In December 2010, I visited the Prime Meridian at Greenwich to learn about the earth, its shape and movement, and how timezones work. Starting in January 2015, the grade 9 class of 2014-2015 was introduced to the Personal Project, in which students create any type of project of their choosing, aligned with academic contexts, and present it as a means of furthering their learning outside of school and enhancing research skills. For my personal project, I did an animation about the causes and effects of Alzheimer’s disease, which involved a few weeks of research using various types of sources beforehand.

Evidence #1: Name tag from Canadian International School Model United Nations conference in 2015

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Evidence #2: Slides from presentations I did in Chinese and French class regarding local foods

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Recently I joined a Model United Nations conference held at our school, coordinated by one of my classmates as his personal project. I had to research the topics of the Islamic State and the Korean War thoroughly in order to represent my country accurately and to understand the situation during debate. I also had to learn how to write and present speeches and clauses and speak from the perspective of another nation. I have been learning Chinese at school since 2005 up to the present, and learned French at school from 2010 to the end of grade 9 in 2015. I can read, write and speak Chinese up to a secondary school level, and French up to around a middle school level. I use my knowledge of these languages in my everyday life, whether reading signs or trying to figure out other Romance languages.

Evidence #1: Certificate from Waterloo Math Contest


Evidence #2: Working on building a flower bed in Sabah on Creativity, Action and Service Week 2015

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I am a risk-taker because I know that I should take an opportunity if I believe I will benefit from the experience, even if I’ve never done it before or if the challenge placed before me seems difficult, scary, or daunting. I joined the Waterloo and Gauss math competition in grade 8 even though the test was intended for grades 9 to 12, even though I knew my math skills weren’t the strongest. During the test I encountered math problems I had never seen before, so after going through them afterwards I was able to learn lots of new things. This year, for Creativity, Action and Service Week I went to Sabah, Malaysia, where I helped build structures around a kindergarten, though there were also more scary aspects such as jungle trekking, though I feel that now that I’ve had those experiences I have better interpersonal teamwork skills.

Evidence #1: Photo of Sir James Galway, one of the world’s most renowned flute players, teaching me how to properly hold the flute.


Evidence #2: Photo of my workspace at the Savanna College of Art and Design during an animation segment of a character development course.


I always try to balance out my school and home life. I have been playing flute since late 2009, and in 2014 I got to meet Sir James Galway during one of his visits to Hong Kong along with several other students from the orchestral centre I go to for lessons. Drawing has also been a long-term hobby of mine, though unlike flute which is used primarily for academics, drawing is a solely outside-of-school activity. In the summer of 2015 I attended a character development and animation workshop as a summer course at Savannah College of Art and Design Hong Kong campus. I believe that these show that I am balanced because it shows that I am able to strike a balance between my academics and doing activities that I enjoy.