LO4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Students demonstrate regular involvement and active engagement in CAS.

The student:
– demonstrates regular involvement and active engagement with CAS experiences and CAS project
– is able to foresee potential challenges to the initial plan and consider valid alternatives and contingencies
– demonstrates adaptability to uncertainties and changes
– gets involved in long-term CAS experiences and CAS project.

On top of other hobbies, I like to think of myself as an avid musician. As a child, I did not have a particular affinity for music, I thought of it as something routine, perhaps academic, and something I was forced to engage with. I was forced to play the piano at age 5, as my parents had enrolled me for lessons though I was not given a choice as to which instrument I wanted to play. I was very bad at music and couldn’t see myself improving in the near future. This changed when I was in middle school.

I began to notice and understand the value of music in around grade 5-6, when I picked up the flute. For me, it was the first time I had chosen voluntarily to enrol in an extracurricular academic activity. I had heard recordings of flute players online and had become absolutely enticed by the sound. I practiced harder than I had ever practiced piano.I became fixated on the flute- taking both my grade 8 piano and grade 8 flute exams within months of each other, I ended up failing the former and passing the latter with flying colors. I began to perform for friends and family, for my flute studio classmates, and then to the school and even in inter-school and solo competitions. I never won anything, but it was enough to inspire me to continue playing both of my instruments all the way through to the present.

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