LO1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

Students are able to see themselves as individuals with various abilities and skills, of which some are more developed than others.
The student:
– is aware of own strengths and weaknesses
– is open to improvement and growth opportunities
– is able to propose activities according to own interests and talents
– is willing to participate in different activities
– is able to undertake a thoughtful self-evaluation
– is able to see themselves as individuals with various abilities and skills, some more developed than others.

I was lucky to discover my passion at a young age. If I could name one thing that makes me lose all track of time, it’s when I immerse myself in the world of my art. At first, I did drawing for fun, but I eventually realized my small hobby was more than just a pastime, I lived for it, it is part of my identity. When I was young, I immersed myself in the world of virtual fiction and fantasy through the introduction to the famous Pokémon franchise by Nintendo, and as a result this became the source of inspiration and drive for creating character concepts and expanding my technical skill and creativity through art.

Having not had a real art teacher for the majority of my childhood, I learned to draw through tutorials on the internet.  I would draw for hours on end every day, hoping to one day be as competent as my idols. I didn’t realize at the time that I was teaching myself independence and self-directed learning skills- I didn’t have someone simply feed knowledge to me like was done in school. Instead, I went and looked for relevant information myself. This kind of self-development was key to the growth of myself as an artist- not only when I started out, but even now- and I am sure that it will continue to be key in my improvement in the future as well. The idea of knowing that I could make something that other people could see and appreciate, as well as being able to use a medium that could show my own enjoyment of certain subjects, were my primary motives for trying to learn how to draw, on top of the fact that I simply enjoyed doing it.

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