CAS Project

Urban Thinkers Campus 2.0


  • March 22 – Urban Thinkers Campus Hong Kong announced
  • March 27 – Sign up
  • March 29 – New Urban Agenda and HK2030+ (pre-2017 edition) distributed
  • April 1 – Urban Thinkers Campus conference
  • April 3 – Information synthesized, suggestions survey released
  • April 19 – Production of UTC 2.0 report commenced
  • April 27 – Outcome document published and released
  • April 28 – Outcome document submission to HKSAR Government’s Planning Department

Relation to CAS

Information about the Urban Thinkers Campus 2.0 here:

Under creativity, action and service, my CAS project likely links to both creativity and service, though if only my own involvement in the project is considered, it ties mostly to creativity.

On March 22nd 2017, my geography teacher Ms. Safaya announced to the class on Google Classroom that there was going to be a United Nations-tied event at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I saw that there was going to be an urban planning workshop at the event, and since I am interested in pursuing architecture in university I decided to go to learn about the issues that I would likely have to face as a future architect.

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