Ternary Composition – Final

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I have taken the feedback from the comments on my previous post, as well as fixed up some labels, for my final piece. I also gave it a nicer title. The first comment reminded me that I needed to add a fermata to the piano part in the last bar if I added one to the flute part in order for the ending note to last for the right amount of time. The second comment suggested that I remove the arpeggiated chord at the end and replace it with a regular chord where all the notes are played at once, which I did. The third commenter disliked how my ending sounded so abrupt and suggested that I add a ritardando near the end of the piece to gradually fade into the long note at the end, which I did as well. I was also instructed to label my chords properly as I had entered a minor key, which I forgot about previously. One bar (the one which contains a double-sharp) was said to have sounded odd, so I made several changes that bar, with the last notes changed from 2 eighth notes to one quarter note, and the piano part changed to fill in the chord rather than be in unison with the melody.


  1. I like your melody and your piano parts as well. It is very advanced and sounds very nice. However, I don’t think that a beginner or a sight reader could play this, as this is very advanced and fast.

  2. Melodic and rhythmic balance between phrases: Consistent
    -I like how you went from major to minor, I also like that there is a pattern where usually the notes in the beginning of the bars are longer than the end of the bar, which gives an emphasis

    Choices in differences between the phrases: Excellent
    -Each bar has its unique notes and I really like the harmonic minor at bar 15 (because your composition is in A Major as your part B is F Sharp Minor

    The playability of this composition is: Highly Suitable for success

    Performance directions: Highly Suitable
    Great overall but perhaps look at the dynamics

    Chords are used and labeled: Highly Suitable for success

    Non chord tones are labeled: Highly Suitable for success

    How convincing piece of music: Highly

  3. Overall a nicely composed piece of music. There are nice rhythmic and melodic variations in the piece. The only thing I’d say is at times I felt that it was a little bit overwhelming – with the added effect of the piano’s volume. Sometimes there parts where I felt there was too much going on, and the main melody was getting a little bit lost. Other than that, a strong composition!

  4. I really liked your composition as I said before, and the flute and the piano go very well together. It looks properly notated, and the flute and the piano seem to be very playable. I like the runs you had with the piano. I think that maybe some of the changes in dynamics were very sudden, and I think maybe a more gradual change would have worked better in this piece. Good job!

  5. I think there is great melodic and rhythmic balance between phrases. I really like the different rhythms combined and they sound really nice. I think there is a good amount of repetition, and I like the difference between the phrases. connection between the A and B section. I also enjoy the piano accompaniment and the effect it has on the piece. I especially like your part B. Its playable, and there are a lot of appropriate performance directions
    appropriate use of chords. I like the chords you used, and they were labelled well. I think its a very convincing piece of music, great job ­čÖé

  6. I like the piano part in your composition, except the piano part was a bit too loud. The dynamics could be softened a bit. Overall I liked it, it was good.

    The balance between phrases was good.

    The connection between the A and B section was good.

    The playability is good. (for your level)

    The dynamics could be softened a bit more.

    The chords are nicely labeled and aline.

  7. I really like how you used chromatic movements to enhance your melody. I also liked the style of your music, when I listened to your composition, it made me think of people dancing. Next time I think you can try to limit the jumps between notes, hopefully that will make the melody more melodic.

    Overall Grade – 7


  8. I like your piece but because the Gavotte is in the Baroque period, should the piano part be detached notes (harpsichord like). But, the piece was rich with notes, and there was a range of performance directions used. Sounded good.

  9. In all areas of the piece, I think that it is very well structured and it flows really nicely together. You have good rhythmic and melodic balance, clear performance directions, and good labeling of cadences. I think that you should improve on the dynamics as some parts seemed a bit too quiet. Overall I am convinced by this piece because of how nicely presented it is. Good job.

  10. Sophia, that was an amazing composition. There were some parts where it felt like there was almost too much going on and also the dynamics changed quite suddenly in parts but overall excellent piece.

  11. I think that you had a really good melody, but the piano was too loud, so I could not hear the flute sometimes. I think you had a very good ending, and I liked how you made the B part. You could have been more smooth with the volume changes, because it seems a bit sudden.

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