1. Sophia, this is amazing!! I really like how you used a variety of rhythms to create a really unique melody. I really liked how the flute and the piano really contrasted really well with each other because all your chords were used correctly and efficiently. I also liked how you put your part B in a minor key because it just created such a good mood for your piece of music. A piece of suggestion I would give would be I feel that your ending is quite sudden and I think it would be better if you added a ritard at the end so it wouldn’t be so abrupt. But overall, I really like your composition Sophia 🙂

  2. Hi Sophia! I like how you have a nice phrasing and goes well with the piano. The use of accents, dynamic makes the music very interesting. I would suggest that in this piece you could take out the arpeggio in the last bar. To me it sounds better without the arpeggio.

  3. It sounds like a really good melody, and I really like your use of dynamics. I think that the relationship between the flute and piano is also quite good in this piece because they work off each other and you can hear both of them very well. I think one thing that you could improve is the last note seems to be held a little bit long for the flute, so I would suggest either shortening that note, or lengthening the note for the piano, because it sounds a little bit weird, at least to me.

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