8-Bar Melody DRAFT

Yet another 8-bar melody, as a kind of follow-up from last year. This time, there’s also a piano part!

It’s kind of a work in progress, the entire product will probably be somewhere around 32 bars or so.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.49.15 pm

And here’s what it sounds like so you can hear it:




  1. Nice work! Creative melody with good rhythmic variety. Your introduction is really good! I think that you can try having more consistency in your melody, as sometimes the different phrases don’t match so well. At times the melody also gets a little bit “busy” – in the sense that there is too much happening and the piece falls out of character. The chords work well together, but if I were you I’d simplify it a little bit so that only one of the two instruments stands out. I only concentrated on what I would change, but overall really well done! It was a nice piece to hear.

  2. I like your piece. It has a nice melody, with a good intro and ending. It’ll be nice if you could’ve added more repetition. Also the dynamics are a little weird, it’s sometimes loud then suddenly silent then suddenly loud again. Nice piece btw 🙂

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