December tests reflection

Scales: 5 major scales, 1 chromatic scale

Mostly okay, though I think I could have done much better. Scales had good pitch and tone but note entries were late. Some scales also had wrong notes which sounded odd in my attempt to correct them.

Piece: March from the Nutcracker

Missed notes or played the wrong notes in several spots, mostly due to not paying enough attention. Articulation could have been better- more tonguing and a bit less legato- to help properly define the rhythm and mood of the song. More dynamics could have been added, particularly on the accents. Note accuracy not very good, I may have been rushing while playing the piece. Pitch accuracy also an issue in some spots where I attempted vibrato but failed. Vibrato was lost completely in some spots as well as embouchure was too tense, possibly due to nervousness.

Theory Test: December 2014 Music Test

There may or may not be an error in the section where we were asked to create intervals, where I had written a low E to a G# for a major 3rd it was marked as wrong, though I’m pretty sure it’s correct.

I can’t tell what mark I got for the transposition, since one looks like 0/3 and the other looks like 6/3. Perhaps I got one completely wrong and attained bonus marks for the other, but I would like further clarification before reflecting on it.

One section regarding the creation of 7th chords after being provided a base note was completely missed. Question regarding writing the key signature for C# major was also skipped as I was confused over where the G# goes. The C flat major key signature in the alto clef had a rather silly mistake in it, which could easily have been fixed if I had more time to proofread the test prior to handing it in, or if I had simply counted as I probably should have. Sections 4 and 5 were based on the creation of triads, a concept which to me is much easier than 7th chords and figured bass.

In the section where we were asked to identify the type of chord based on its figured bass, I nearly got the 7th-chord 1st and 3rd inversions mixed up. The rest I had memorized, but I had to write out the 6-5 and the 4-2 chords at the bottom of the paper in order to identify what type of chord they represented. Parts 9 and 10 were done based mostly on counting but also on the section above them, which told me which to add a fourth note- the 7th- onto.

Some more study would have been very useful and I think more memorisation would have saved me a lot of time in the test.

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