Playing and Theory Test Reflection

Now is a time of reflection. Looking back at your practice diary and your assessed performance how do you judge your personal accomplishment? Did you practice as much as you were able? Did you develop at a consistent rate? Do your practice diaries show a clear reflection of this?

I didn’t fill in my practice diary, and I can say for sure now that I have practiced much more than what is written in the journal. I think that I didn’t advance as much as I could have if I had practiced more. I did not develop at a consistent rate, as I have a bad habit of practicing intensely before a concert or competition, then just slacking off the rest of the time. My practice diaries are not filled in, and therefore do not show a clear reflection of this.

Looking at your theory work and final test how did you do?

Playing Test Scores        Theory Test Scores

I think I did as well as I could in the playing test, but when I saw the mistakes on my theory test, I realised that I made a few mistakes that I had made in the previous theory test, as well as made a few other mistakes I could have easily avoided. An example was on the last question, where I knew that the influence wasn’t from Canada, but I didn’t know where it was from, so I put Canada anyway. It was from Ireland. Also, I switched heterophonic for homophonic, and vice-versa.

Take the time to really delve into your progress and where you think you can go from here. Where can you put more effort into your music, time, recording your progress, thinking about concepts… Start a new semester with a clear goal in mind and stick to it! Written goals are more often accomplished!!!

You need to state on average how many days you practiced per week and your average time practiced also

I usually practiced two to three times a week, for 15 minutes each. Before a competition, though, especially if I am playing solo, this may go up to an hour a day, five to seven times a week.

You need to reflect and also state a goal for the following musical year.

Next year, I may be taking up piccolo as my instrument instead or flute, or perhaps play them both. I just started learning how to play the piccolo this week, and I plan to keep learning it over the summer. I will try to practice more next year in preparation for my examinations.

YOU MUST include the HOT LINK to your iPORTFOLIO showing you have uploaded it to your DW. If this HOTLINK,opening in a new window, is not included, your assignment will not be marked. Make sure you change the name of you link and DO NOT just paste in the URL.

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