Music – Criterion D Reflection

Criterion D – Personal Engagement

I know that I will already be marked down because I lost my book, which has now cost me $70 to replace. I rarely forgot my instrument, due to my system by which I leave my flute at school since I have another one at home. I didn’t practice nearly as much as I should have for music class or for music lessons outside of school,¬†seldom practicing for more than 15 minutes at a time. One of my goals for next year, especially as I will be taking two music exams, is to spend more time practicing my instruments. I tried to help others when they didn’t know how a song sounded or if they forgot the fingering to a certain note. I participated in the Wind Philharmonic in the first term, having to stop in the second term due to other lessons taking place after school. I will join a band next year, as I will be taking music.

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