16 Bar Melody- Reflection

From the comments on my previous post, I think that one thing that I could change is the repetitiveness. While having a slight pattern helps the listener hear familiarity in the song, it can also be a bit boring. I think that otherwise I did okay on my composition, because I didn’t get much constructive feedback aside from that. Other people’s comments aside, I think I could have added more articulations. I don’t think I needed to add rests as they were not part of the assignment.

From this assignment, I have learned how to compose a song through various stages and progresses. I found this assignment to be much more of a challenge and much more involved than most of the other assignments given for music this year. Being someone who doesn’t often compose music, I found that the steps we went through were very helpful in guiding me through this process of composing this short melody.

However, I didn’t like how feedback was given, it was often quite vague and occasionally a bit unreliable.

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